Vitebsk: two participants Chernobyl shares awarded penalties

The October district court referee Ira Smolyakova recognized both guilty of unauthorized picketing.
Ruling, the arbitrator relied on the testimony of the commandos and police officers who detained opposition yesterday.
Detention took place on Assumption Hill in Vitebsk, where local representatives of opposition parties gathered to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. By this occasion was deployed white-red-white flag with a black ribbon.
By Special Forces platoon commander Yuri Buhavtsova specifically flag became the main attribute of unauthorized picket.
Sovereign Buhavtsov assured the court that such makarom expressed opposition Tipo own protest against the municipal system and restrictions on freedom in Belarus.
Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Konstantin Smolikau states that members of the Chernobyl shares had other goals:

"A national flag with a black ribbon on the testimony of memory those people, who died. Though the Chernobyl anniversary! And it is very many people given their lives, welfare, health, to extinguish the flame of Chernobyl. That’s it. But deployed flag — always a cause for detention, and discard the possibility that we can delay, we could not. "
Together with the monarch and Smolikovym Belezeko was arrested and chairman of the city branch of the BPF Vladislav Tokarev, who turned the flag.
Tribunal over it still lasts. According to Article 23.34 of the administrative legislation also threatens him Monetary fine or arrest.

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