Vitebskvodokanalu sapping the old buildings of the town

In a large pit with a diameter of about 5 meters and that of the same depth are clearly visible remnants of walls, on some pieces of plaster and pieces preserved murals. According to the employee of the cultural department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Nina Suletskoy, workers’ Vitebskvodokanalu "cut through the laying of the 1st of the buildings of the complex of St. Nicholas Cathedral, while any underground work in this place in general is strictly prohibited.

Complex remains of St. Nicholas Cathedral

"Dr. Olga Levko gistrychnyh Sciences, which oversees this area — has an open letter from Academy, responsible here for all the research — categorically forbade any construction and underground work on this area. After all, it is still not known archaeologists. And in this place, by the way, may be the remains of buildings since the 12th century! Because we wrote the prescription in "Vitebskvodokanalu", so they finished the work, but they have something to dig. Well what to do Further, not to throw a bucket underneath! If I throw myself into that pit, the dawn and me! "

Foundation pit at Freedom Square in Vitebsk

Nina Suletskaya and other officials made the report, testified violations of the law on protection of historical heritage. Sent copies of the protocol in Academy, Ministry of Culture, the regional prosecutor’s office and Vitebsk city executive committee. According to Ms. Suletskoy specifically City Council ordered "Vitebskvodokanalu" tab on the communications area Liberty Square, because there is planned to build a youth entertainment center.
Against this construction, that has perform a local businessman Alexander Danilov, already struggling in a few months including Vitebsk and youth. Writing protests against destruction of the historical part of the town have been sent to different institutions. On the results of correspondence with bureaucrats told Vitebsk human rights activist Leonid Svetsik.
"In late April, we received a response from the Committee on Architecture and Construction Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, signed by the head of this committee. He reassured us that neither system, nor any other work on the Freedom Square will not be carried out. After the youth center project is made so that it will not built on the square, and about her. earthworks But now underway and lasts even better pit has expanded twice and drove up the pipe that will be put in the pit. "
By Leonid Svetsik views, work casually conducted so hastily and even day off: so before the work week can be dig a pit and hide such makarom traces in the case of violations of the law that Liberty Square will check out different instances.

In the buffer zone at Freedom Square particular technique makes pipes

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