Vyachorka: Chernobyl Way assured continuity of generations

According to estimates of the organizers, "Charnobyl Way" took the role of 8 to 10 thousand people.
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka believes that the goals set by the democratic forces, have been partially implemented.
"Street potential in society remains, and remains at a very high level. And a lot of fun — we beheld that the vast majority of the protesters were young people. Young and even the very young. This means, that there was a succession of generations.
We remember that five or six years back the shares of the participants were mostly middle-aged and Incline. This indicates that the anti-democratic regime of the future has not. Although the action was demonstratively peaceful, she was be emblematic of peace, because it Chernobyl action yet were impudent provocation was a beating, "- says Vyachorka.
At the end of the police action against the wishes detained 16 young participants, including 1st of applicants Yuri Zenkovich. They were later released.
"I think it was planned well in advance that we will unleash. Personally, I think that it is common intervention effects assistant Secretary of State David Kramer, who said very sharply Belarusian authorities that will be taken rather severe measures in this case "Chernobyl Way" will be broken up and re-repeated mass arrests, "- said Zenkovich.
Yuri Zenkovich said now will be prepared to act police complaint, which squeezed the demonstrators on the street sidewalk destroyed Surganova.
There will also be appealed arrest sound equipment. Sovereign Zenkovich lodge a complaint by virtue of his own, as he believes, illegal detention.
One of the organizers of the BPF Party Deputy Chairman Viktor Ivashkevich notes authorities soon changed their strategy:
"Authorities defected from repression to large-scale sabotage dastardly — delay apparatus, steal megaphones organizers, then push people on the spot, protected builders, on the pit where the general can not walk."
Vintsuk Vyachorka believes completely correct decision of the organizing committee and the applicants to use the route, officially permitted by the authorities. A first applicant "Chernobyl Way" Jury Khadika believes that the time has come to reconsider the relation to the area of Bangalore.
"They say that we will not go to the swamp station. Idea that Belarusians — people in the swamp, the idea of Russian chauvinists, who popularized two centuries. Swamp — is not worse than the mountains, apyavayutstsa. Without marshes all Europe suffocate. Necessary hurt this bad idea because of the 3 locations that are officially allocated for marches and rallies, Bangalore or park of Friendship of Peoples — the best, but not completed. "
Yuri Khadika believes that the Peoples’ Friendship Park to be renamed. It must be given the name of the Belarusian revivalist and educator Vaclav Ivanovsky, who organized the first in Minsk doslednuyu so referred "Swamp station."
By the way, the youth activists have applied to Minsk city executive committee on May 20 in Bangalore Square protest against the deprivation of benefits students and other categories of people. The organizing committee included representatives of shares "BPF Youth", "Young Front", the youth commission of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the Association of Belarusian students.

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