Vyachorka: we have no choice

Vintsuk Vyachorka commented on the decision of the Central Commission:
"From the very beginning, when I refused to register at the District Commission, said at the moment and again, it’s all political decisions. And the fact that they delayed for a while, someone denied as Vinogradov step creation activities of the group, someone later — all of this should create the illusion of naturalness in zabugornyh observers, that, say, all fairly and honestly. And Actually obmyslennaya this strategy.
I have no doubt that the real and known and popular in their own greenish Luga. I actually work with people who really raise acute difficulties that today’s MPs were either afraid to raise with On the other hand, have their way affiliated. Himself walking in the area, I made sure that they know the name and party affiliation of the sunset. And do not even believe in the fairness of the counting of votes, I might say, to achieve that, that sociologists are independent survey made accordingly. Authorities is not necessary. Well, in general, my failure to register, failure to register as a huge number of democratic candidates again confirms that the elections reflect the will of the people as we have. "

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