Walesa stood up for Jaruzelski

Lech Walesa said that he always fought for democracy, because will look closely for compliance with the law in the process of trial creators of martial law.
"I has always been adversary Wojciech Jaruzelski, I overcame and satisfied its own victory. But I wish to allocate: Jaruzelski should not go into an agreement with "Solidarity", but did. We fought for a fair country and I do not want anyone involved in today’s Poland vendetta "- said Walesa.
Past President also noted that the family Jaruzelski fought for a free Poland, and he himself in other historical circumstances "might be dignified man."
Meanwhile Institute investigators consider that the responsibility of the state memory Jaruzelski and eight other former senior managers NDP trivial:
"The documents show the fault of the accused, which they did — both in the country and within the Warsaw Pact" — says managing director of the investigation department of the Institute Eva Coy.
According to her, the decision to implement martial law contradicted the then Constitution because the authorities could withdo it only during the time when Parliament was not working, and the Diet December 12, 1981 just going to the session.

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