West prepares for war with Russia

West prepares for war with Russia
President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov commented re NATO tactical aviation for the introduction of nuclear weapons that, in his opinion, could be a sign of preparation for war with Russia. Crimea voted for joining the Russian Federation, despite the saturated pressure of a diplomatic and informational management of. The reaction of Western elites now proved to be very low-key, it is not such as could be expected, judging by the size and strength of the previous pressure. While no severe economic sanctions was taken. Tightening their adoption reduces the relevance and validity of these measures, particularly in the context of developments in Ukraine, namely, the inevitable has a relatively near-term economic collapse.

Meanwhile, the accession of Russia to the Crimea in the world is perceived as a heavy defeat on the United States. Indeed, virtually all the harsh analysts and politicians say that the actions were initiated in Ukraine USA. And ultimately — loss of control and radical developments strengthen the position of Russia on the Black Sea. It looks even more contrast in the context of the fact that Egypt is reoriented to Russia and this helps him in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the 3 billion dollars for the purchase of Russian weapons. For the U.S., this means one thing — the imminent and very severe reduction in exposure in the Middle East and North Africa, the loss of the chance to recover control over the resources of the major regions.

These criteria should expect from a U.S. strategy configuration behavior because segodnyaschy proved ineffective. Just as it happened with the advent of Barack Obama, when instead of «brute force» the Americans tried to move to the use of «soft».

In this context, it is revealing unexpected decision to build the South American control in Europe potential tactical nuclear weapons. Is meant to equip the F-16 fighters and Air Force Tornado 5 of NATO equipment, allowing to use nuclear bombs B61-12. What is very significant, it is meant to equip the Air Force planes States who remain non-nuclear now: Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and Italy. Conversion of aircraft meant to finish by 2018. The same equipment is meant to equip all incoming weapons promising fighter F-35. Quite evident that these works are carried out not just. If the aircraft is given the opportunity to use a nuclear weapon that is in the plans to make it there. A political statement about the impossibility of its transfer to non-nuclear powers — just informational masking. When it comes time of need all these statements and assurances are simply discarded. How many times it showed Western elites.

It is curious that this whole «nuclear boom» comes amid debate about the «nuclear zero.» What can this mean?

Fully maybe these actions are a sign of a new turn in American politics. Trouble «peripheral strategy» — a movement along an arc spanning the south of Eurasia, can push the Western elite, the criteria of lack of time, to a more constructive action — a direct attack on Russia as a more dangerous and at the same core of a block in non-Western civilizations — BRICS .

In this context, capacity building of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe is completely clear: to achieve advantages in these types of weapons over Russia. If this is the United States will do this, then fully likely anger against all the might of the Russian Federation to NATO. Such strike weakened Russian army will not stand. The transition to the use of RF tactical nuclear weapons will be very difficult danger of retaliation. In addition, in the event of the introduction of theater nuclear war would be Europe, not the United States. Perhaps South American governance implies that our homeland, fighting against NATO in the European theater of war, will not dare to use strategic nuclear forces against the United States, fearing retaliation. Can be fully payment have to proactively neutralize Russian strategic nuclear potential.

In any case, the decision on strengthening the constructive potential of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe — it’s a sign the U.S. began preparing for war with Russia. More in Europe tactical nuclear weapon to wage war with whom. Possibility of such developments confirmed the conclusions on incomplete adequacy of Western elites and their ability to go on quite barbaric act if necessary.

And our homeland should be ready for this. In the military-technical terms, first, you need to prevent a reduction in their own arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, and to ensure the accelerated re-strategic nuclear forces, first create and adopt the latest languid ICBMs. Maybe it makes sense to build a missile for missile cruisers languid Project 941. Weights such missiles — about 90 tons, will allow them to be positioned at a particularly powerful missile.

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