What about clean-thinking citizens of Minsk?

Man: "April 21 I’d love to — but apparently I can not."
Lady: "Let’s go out, to work in the yard, remove".
Lady: "I’m retired, I do not go."
Lady: "No. I have a small child."
Man: "I’m retired and would go with pleasure."
Man: "No".
Lady: "With pleasure would. But health does not allow."
Man: "Not a bad deal. Necessary work."
Lady: "I am against. Easier for people to pay money to have someone did, than spend a day off, which they could spend in the country or with their loved ones. "
Lady: "Cleaning needed, but must be voluntary, not compulsory. Any internal desire that participate in cleanup. "
Lady: "you need to pick up trash in the yard."
Lady: "I belong to Subbotniks differently. If you are in the mood, you can go. Or if no plans for the day. "
Man: "Saturday — Cancel thing. Planting new trees enrich our environment. "
Man: "On April 21, I will not take part in cleanup — do not recognize them. Who needs it! For the country, of course, useful if more garbatsissya her. At work I pay the state more than earn it."
Man: "On Saturday or Friday — when who can let people work if the benefit. Subbotnik I go to Kurapaty. I am there often. This thing is very suitable. This memory of our people. People who died there deserve our attention and memory. "

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