What gifts prepared municipal bureaucrats in Belarus?

Last main control state legal council Presidential Administration Alexander Plaskovitsky reads receiving gifts bureaucrats Belarusian vertical regulatory acts. There is written, what amount should not exceed the price of the gift — one base value (30 thousand rubles). But at least some, even the most trifling gift for views lawyer can cost bureaucrat not only a place of work, and imprisonment:
"Always there was a law on state service. He had several options, but they are regulated this question and it was always a small salary — the highest limit for such gifts to the address of officers. At the moment it — only "tokens" in the law and recorded. Everything else is considered corruption … "
Member of the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan states Belarusian bureaucrats receive relatively modest gifts. Kostya himself except precipitate takes nothing fundamentally.
"We are perceived law against corruption and everything is discussed — about gifts, prezentam etc. Because we have this very seriously. All justified by the law, because in principle is unrealistic.’s Right — gifts from anyone that . We it’s just does not apply. And because they say that we have a dictatorship. Specifically, that it is impossible to steal. No one — no bureaucrat, no deputy, no one else. All this is written in the law. "
The last member of the House of Representatives Valery Frolov says municipal bureaucrats occasionally take risk and valuable gifts. For example, MPs have excellent salaries. In addition, have regulations that all pensions to current and former MPs will receive an additional 60% more parliamentary salary. Calculated as sovereign Frolov, it’s about 700 bucks:
"Bureaucrats now be very profitably. In this case, their funds will be very many, already envious. And I, when 60 years will, patsikavlyusya also the guys, first, pre-retirement age, as Kostya, Popov, Malafeev how much they earn and what pension scamper. I did not like it he willed. If so power invented, why not use this moment? .. It is clear that Lukashenko keeps them all, that they were doing without unnecessary questions and orders for all this to life is not very lamented. "
More popular gift among officials remain florets. As they say, a cheap and no consequences such prezentam not pull. So far away from failure, take pens, notepads and other stationery trifle.
Law on Anti-corruption, which stipulates that the price of the gift bureaucrat should not exceed 30 thousand rubles, the National Assembly passed last year. Earlier bureaucrats do not like moderate gifts.
Previous Defense Minister Pavel Kozlovsky sometime day of birth was crowned jewels carbine. Also much appreciated strong drinks whiskey or brandy class who purchase on the open market in the mid 90-ies of the last century, it was virtually impossible.
What would you have given bureaucrat, if you knew, that depends on the solution to your question?

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