What has changed on the river authority administering justice after ecological disaster?

Reporter: "I go along Ulla, who gave the city the title of the power to dispense justice. Between the river itself, and the houses that go to it, the distance of 20-30 meters. Near me gidrolyag Nicholas Klimovich.
Klimovich: "I see the river, which reeks of diesel fuel. Before me maslyanistaya large spot, which stands in the bay. A saves with dark belts. Apparently, the water level dropped, and diesel oil remained on the shore."
Reporter: "Works motor, a system of mechanical cleaning. Immediately people work.
Man: "I represent" Zahadnaftapraduktu. "All right. Untainted river. Bona (cleaning device) are here just in case. When will the rain and washed away from the shore. Dvina also unblemished. Only that brigade guard — selected garbage. Guess , no problems no. "

Ulla days and Dvina. Lifeguard

Reporter: "I asked the local counter-grandmother of meadows, on which there is a large oil slick after, as the water is gone. Typically, farmers here are preparing hay for cattle.
Grandma: "At the moment there is hay that cattle will not."
Reporter: "What to do, where to take the hay? "
Grandma: "Maybe somewhere planted vegetable gardens."

Designated hayfields

Reporter: "But go toward two men with fishing rods."
Men: "The fish is caught. Not much smell, but few have. Beavers and muskrats fled. Dark crawling along the shore."
And now with Nikolai gidrolyag Klimovitch makes the experience trying to catch something on the spining. It took about 30 minutes, and I ask Nicholas to share impressions:
Klimovich: "I do not know what brings satisfaction of fishing with the locals. Standing, stink terribly, all around in greasy oil. I’m perapetskavsya: hand spining. Certainly, rescuers did their job correctly. But you need the same, so such situations Never was. "
Reporter: "According to one version, the environmental tragedy on the river Vle because the pipeline was very old. Pipe in just could not stand stress."

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