What he Teran? Tera in something crawl, but work on the people to people

Constant listener: "I am not aware of the case, but if it is true that passed on your radio that police SWAT, vulture or Korbut thrashed guys. And even the girl suffered a ten-year, then you need … As thecamping, even the naked word louse not kill. That’s all it is necessary to fix, take pictures, make acts. Later, when the Tribunal over it, it’s all documented follow. A tribunal will. Certainly. For this disgust, as hereinafter simply impossible to sustain such. Therefore it is necessary to collect documents, all will be presented when necessary. Time will come. In the meantime, here zverstvue gang. Look at Ukraine. 10’s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people all rally, they say, are worth every justifies his, and no one will touch them with your finger. Do not touch! I am surprised that do not touch. And we must pay tribute to the same Yushchenko and his opponent, Chairman Council of Ministers. Here are people who are in fact imbued understanding, awareness, who believe that this is a small deposit of democracy, the germ of democracy, which breaks. And here is what I mean? Must also be aware of who is above it all. Kolkhoznik! Uneducated, he says about it, that is not intellectual. He does not know that for education costs intelligence, mind. "
"Yesterday in the latest news showed the person’s face Lukashenko. And so close. He says:" Now you can live in comfort. Live in prosperity, and live. "So what about the wealth I wish to say. There, in the European countries in vain gave him the nickname" Teran. "Not Teran he clown. Remember Mussolini. Remember how he made faces? Hands lineup, head of humus. What -all justified to someone. So there. Which he Teran? Terai than in either crawl, but work on the people to people. examples I can give. This unfortunate ordinary clown. minded person … I do not even work gives Council of Ministers. And he says: "I wish to work and not go away." Neuzh something we can not find a solid, hard man of a certain political party, which would be managed to inspire people here so exposing these horrible acts? Or so he made a statement last year or the year before that gave pensioners 5-10 thousand, and he says, that at the moment we can go to relax, to be postponed. I looked at it with awe. Also need to come up with! "
Zinoviev, "Gryzlov must first go in Khimki, find out how many offspring gave Putin carpenters to build a business center at a military cemetery in the Moscow suburb of Khimki."
Misha medications, doctor, Riga: "Good day, gentlemen, honorable. I wish to address a number of issues. During 1-x, in almost all gears often tell you that the Baltic countries: Latvia, Estonia — are examples of democracy. And you hang Lapshin uneducated is not enough educated listeners.’s for you, they showed an example of democracy. Here, gentlemen, what sort of country. And I have questions. Why are you biased considering the processes that take place there, and if you do not answer my own programs, I try to explain it in a central Belarusian press. Eventually the first part is finished. while I hang up. Doskorogo goodbye. "
"I continue. 2nd part. I just heard that your correspondent Dzikavitski from Poland, Warsaw said Polish President Kaczynski supported the aggressive actions of the Estonian authorities. And now I have an issue. Why did you send only the statements of the heads of criminal criminal country? Poland also takes first place in the EU for theft and corruption. My question is: why do not you transfer the application of other states? For example, in Germany, the French government, the Scandinavian countries? They had me lie on the table, by the way. other You gave words again, to put it mildly, a half-truth. Kaczynski you chose statement that fits for you, and other statements you did not pass. Here, ladies and gentlemen, the level of your work. How about honesty and objectivity? me is, frankly, amazing. You demonstrate incompetence. You reads about, that you are impartial. By the way, I have a lot of exciting things for you to say. But what I’m saying, you do not pass. But here’s something that is not a lot of educated people they say … I respect them. But they are not much educated impartially. I toured all of Europe, and more than once, and I know what’s what. But I have unbiased information you pass. That, ladies and gentlemen, you are right. This is a half-truth, and in fact, heresy. The second part is finished. Doskorogo goodbye. "
"I will not ask any questions. You all the same their not answer. It is only intended for personal telefanvanne sovereign Valentina Zhdanko. I have a record if you pochetaemy sir, quoted a letter from Riga retired military, I will not at this point to call his name, which read, after War sent from Estonia 200 thousand people. Unfortunately, it’s true. But why they were sent? Answer. These are people who smeared on the elbow in the blood of innocent victims. They destroyed, we can say quite the Jewish community. Germans are proud that neither the 1st Jew in Estonia is not destroyed. Next, they killed the anti-fascists, communists, gypsies, doings in the neighborhood — Kaliningrad — etc.. Sent executioners and similar audience. Set you up your listener who showed them innocent victims. Such as a few hundred thousand were in Latvia, but they managed to escape, as troops were moving slower in this direction. And they came to Estonia suddenly. Both cats and Nazis did not manage to escape. They were deported to Siberia. And you made them innocent victims. In other words you Framed listener. But you sounded without the research question. And people wonder what the poor Estonians. It’s not cats. So now, if this information is not corrected and adkamentavana (For you and I sent a letter to that effect by registered), I too shall’ll sedate Valentin, do not quit this question without attention, I will try to explain through a central print. "
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I started clamps, so I did not call on the Belarusian "Freedom," and come to the presses for himself, Judas. But I said yesterday it crudely, I see them all approach, I said, "No!". So and so said rudely at all, will not repeat. And I would like to ask you and around the world, so we took off in Minsk Russian monuments. Dzerzhinsky not so long ago brought, that Lenin supported. Monument awful ugly. And here they brought a new one. We do not need it. And the hunt to Yushchenko and Tymoshenko have not removed. "

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