What is the future of the historic Grodno?

Field meeting of scientific and methodological council — a two-day. Yesterday, the participants stayed in the World. Whereupon they went to Grodno. And just being on the road deputy governor control on protection of historical and cultural heritage and restoration of the Ministry of Culture said Igor Cherniavsky our Radio:
Chernyavskii ‘first question was about the course of the reconstruction of the castle complex world, it presented the emperor Bubnovskiy. And second question — it Bernardine Monastery in Minsk project proposals — what may be possible. "
Sovereign Chernyavskii noted that there was a decree of the Council of Ministers, whereby reconstruction of the Mir Castle must completed in 2010. As for Grodno, will open a discussion a number of objects, buildings and areas in the historic center, he said.
Prepyadstviya center of Grodno, namely transport, not so long ago considered the capital. Discussion has established the Ministry of Architecture. There was Grodno Yanka Lelevich historian — one of those who fight for thrifty renovation of historic buildings. At this meeting, the authorities have also invited members of the public. But to achieve this it was hard.
Lelevich: "I believe that in any case the social activity these people deterred guards, but they are required to at least half an ear to listen to what they say that they, namely, Grodno. And I believe that this is in a certain kind of a mess. "
But water is a rolling stone gathers no moss: activists appealed to both local authorities and to the capital, and the prosecutor’s office.
Lelevich: "And, of course, these papers, what they began to" grow up ", I think, something bothered them and they had to respond. Especially since, then makingsmiling in Grodno, namely, with the Russian area, it is contrary to the Master Plan, approved by the President. "
Janka Lelevich admits he has little hope that the arguments he and his friends somehow influence the authorities, and they will act in the historical center of Grodno more circumspect.
In the photo: Kolozhi wall — an old monument of the architecture of Grodno, built in the XII century.

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