What’s the score Russian loan?

The need for credit and a half billion dollars Belarusian side explained the increase in the price of Russian gas and oil and forcing municipal subsidies to support oil refineries.
But the process of obtaining credit tightened. At the moment, there is information that the Belarusian side give credit — but only under the pledge of shares of "Beltransgaz".
Ministry spokesman money Belarus Misha Valkovsky referred rumors Russian media messages:
"There are no no sensation. Conditions for a loan — a very great need to negotiate. Unless the parties agree upon, that will then be published conditions. And while negotiations go on their part do not comment."
Head of Money and Foreign Economic Relations Ministry Vadim Misyukovets said loan criteria have not yet discussed.
The question at this point is solved at the political level, says Misyukovets:
"This is a political thing, and I personally do not see at the moment is no reason for a pledge of shares. If the government reach any agreement, there will be a techno thing — develop some sort of agreement."
Meanwhile Belarusian side tightens the signing of a purchase Russian "Beltransgaz". And this is one of the criterion agreement today gas supplies to Belarus.
Spokeswoman of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov not confirmed disk imaging on mortgage shares "Beltransgaz" under the Russian loan. But he said that the issue of "Beltransgaz" carried on the company board meeting to be held on April 25.
Economist Leonid Zlotnikov Minsk commented:
"This adverse conditions Belarus — credit, but at the expense of shares "Beltransgaz". These funds could cover those holes, which may occur in This year budgeted in the new economic criteria. "
Capital analyst Andrey Suzdaltsev reads the political nuance of the case:
"Previously, Belarus to receive credits in Russia was quite simple. Lukashenko agreed with Russian President, gave instructions to ministries and credit granted. No special safeguards against Belarus is not required.
Currently a no confidence in the return of funds is not. The Belarusian side in the issue of credit behaves passively, and because there is more credit political role: it has more credibility Alexander Lukashenko? "

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