What threats expect Belarusians in war zones?

Economist Stanislav Husak recalls his life in Nigeria. Says if you associate newsletter 20 years ago and today, the big difference is not visible — the hassle of government troops and formations vaevnikov not stopped for 40 years.
"Our professionals (and we built Azhakutse Steel Works) worked there for almost 4.5 thousand people, — says Stanislav Husak. — In including had a lot of and people of Belarus. And you have to admit: there upmost banditry. There were cases when even killed people. Worked together with us Germans, so that’s suspended local machine with 2 German spices, robbed them and later destroyed. And so it was that during the night 6 houses in which livedand our experts at local bandits robbed. "
"Arrival in tropical undergrowth, and suddenly a tribe will be bad mood"
Father of Anna Baranova past 10 years only occasionally occurs in Minsk. The rest of the lives and works hired a pilot in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is currently in Africa.
"There’s not made simple living conditions — says Anna Baranova. — Fully’re not going anywhere, even in the same Kinshasa, where a maximum of three civilized structure. Among them, high-rise hotel, which normally live pilots. Some live in cottages. Believed there better, although the homes are not protected from unsafe vusyakov nets and animals. Besides, as the Pope, you can fly somewhere tropical undergrowth, where mobile telephony is not taken, and suddenly a tribe is a bad mood. Then they can poruha on the crew. There were cases when the pilots became victims of these tribes. "
"Belarusian helicopter in Africa have 500 bucks for a combat mission"
Minsker contracts Alexander worked in a number of African states. He does not believe official statements — say, in Africa, there is virtually no Belarusians who live constantly in the risk criteria. Besides the pilots, who are often themselves victims of terrorists, on the mainland many military instructors Belarusians.
"Documentary evidence I can not give 100%, — says Alexander. — But when I was in Africa, there were discussions about the Belarusians, who are waging a war in different countries. In other words, our military who retire from the army, work there. For example, I were in charge, Belarusian helicopter in Africa have 500 bucks for a sortie. And this other than wages — two thousand dollars that pay every month. "
The tragic fate may befall the people and countries that do not fight wars against insurgents. During the 2-victims of terror attacks in recent years have become Belarusians in Egypt and Turkey. In the past year, two Belarusian students were killed in the United States.
"Give them a finger, they bite off the whole hand"
In most cases, people from Belarus faced with the manifestations of violence and terrorism in Israel. Victor Shvaych 12 years living in southern Israel in Bershyve. After last year’s conflict with Lebanon, he says that he can not risk his life daughter. Victor is convinced that exist peacefully surrounded by the Arab world inhabitant of Israel will not work.
On the days of Victor Shvaych came to Belarus to prepare the ground for the return of the family.
"It’s unreal. Could when Stalin send Chechens in Kazakhstan. And in Israel, Arabs evict nowhere — says Victor Shvaych. — Arab countries they too are unwilling to accept. Although they own, but they are necessary evil? In fact actually own these people — Give them a finger, they bite off the whole hand. They do not understand that if you do good to them, and then you need a good pay. Local, indigenous, of course, well aware of the Arab population and somehow adapted to them. Although much of the support for all this constructive policy authorities. As for the newcomers? People just decide prepyadstviya current. "

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