Where is the source where untainted water?

In the city of Grodno Bridges settlers complain Chernobyl-quality drinking water. Justice assured the unrest in April test results wells. Sanitary doctors have concluded that in all public water wells more poison and iron nitrates. Discussing the situation in Mostovskoi housing and communal services. Now that reads Master Taisa Negra:
Negro: "The last survey was. And if read frank, this setback has not brought forth any forces. Nitrates get into the water from the ground. People drink this water for years. I also drink, because I live in a private house. Drink, because much go? Another water we have. "
Taisa Negra clarifies that even after routine cleaning of wells, water in district this spring remains ill.
"All the inhabitants are aware that contain nitrates. Written notice. This means that water can be used for washing, watering the vegetable garden, but do not need to drink. "
95 percent of homes in the area Mosty — personal. Accordingly, the wells that are not served in the courts of public utilities. Change the situation in a large village Luni tries Democrat deputy Alexander Pudovkin:
"In our country the problem of excess iron in the water. I drove myself to the water test. Iron content exceeds the rate of three to four times. How we may write a complaint to the executive committee, the government refers to the shortfall in order to build our village Lunar Mini -cleaning station. "
That, in the end, do to make a better quality of water in the wells? One of the proposals expresses ecologist Valery Dranchuk:
Dranchuk: "People love well. Not many cross hunt for some candidate. And you can save the deepening of wells. Well water is necessary to get off the ground. How to do it? I believe that be Accordingly programm. First the government should take care of. Need to find an opportunity at a technical level to solve this dilemma and at the present level. "
As recalls ecologist so referred "Iron" water easy to find. Pretty hold even in a pot for 10 minutes, it will acquire specific zakalamutsitstsa and yellow. By doctors at a concentration of iron in water 0.3 milligrams per liter of teeth yellowed. If the iron concentration exceeds one milligram — yellow skin and pale hair. With the "steel" water can not prepare juices and compotes. Iron spoils coffee and tea.

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