Which Belarusian most outstanding invention?

"I do not know why they did not remember Lazar?"
Academician Alexander Wojtowicz during the reign of the State Academy brochure entitled "Science and society do not border the Millennium" was their hit parade more distinctive scientific discoveries of the twentieth century. Among Belarusian developments, he said invention in the field of dynamic galyagrafii, the study of heat transfer, as theoretical developments in arithmetic Academician Vladimir Platonov.
Academician Wojtowicz commented the survey results of the online edition «Spiked":
"I do not know why they did not remember Lazar Lazar so I think one of the biggest achievements of the past century in physics … If so read, the physics of such services: Lazar, atomic physics, which led to the creation of nuclear energy (and as often happens, the side — before the creation of the atomic bomb). This, of course, computers. And only later on the basis of semiconductor technology which has evolved so rapidly that led to the emergence of chips, integrated circuits, there were, in turn, individual computers . Which, respectively, served as a prerequisite for the development of computer science. And I believe that the creation of personal computers — One of the most great achievements of the past century. "
Without development Alferov would not have the Web and mobile phones
Mathematician born in Vitebsk Alferov awarded the Nobel Prize for (quoting the decision of the Nobel Committee) "work in the production of semiconductor structures, which can be applied to ultrafast computers." So as not to develop Alferov, there would be no web, no mobiles.
Physicist and mathematician Boris Kit, born in Novogrudok — one of the developers of watery hydrogen fuel for missiles of cosmic.
Deputy dean for research of the physical faculty of BSU, Doctor of Physics and the Department of laser spektraskapii Toustsik Alex says that the foundation of modern science are fundamental research in solid state physics and semiconductors. Appropriate theoretical work of Belarusian scientists led to the creation of a unified theory of weak, strong and electric interactions.
"At the moment we have quite a lot of orders, made a lot of municipal programs, scientific and technical programs, formed programm basic research, and an emphasis on physics made quite certain — physics and technology, technical programs from desirable. Other words, at this point the direction of the main still not on the basic sciences, and the approximate direction. To have the actual results to be implemented in industry, in the creation. "
Statistics on the number of invention is not being
An employee of the State Center Facilities Olga Zhazhkova mental states that are not being specific statistics on how many Belarusian scientists received patents for their development and revelation. But anyone who wants to keep their own mental baggage from illegal encroachment by rivals may do:
"Naturally, this has been our State Center for Mental Conditioning. Here and individually can protect their own mental accessories, and original works register. If we regitsya, issued a patent for invention or work. Mechanism is already worked out. This just prerogative of our center. "

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