Who needed such pompous, very expensive show with burial Yeltsin?

Pavel A. Davydenko, disabled CHAEC 2nd group GP Parichi: "I am your reliable listener. Lukashenko made the freedom to demagoguery and sabotage, to theft and robbery. Such freedom Lukashism that constantly selects pensions, removes the pieces."
Man: "Ill I can not go on is" Chernobyl Way. "So here is a bike developed under the title" Cry from the South ":
With doctors observe how my body alive blowing With a wedge on Northern graves. After being driven from the conveyor nosed quotas in the sky, from the house of Chernobyl, took off his boots. And gradually see God in boots demon-Muscovite.
Thank you for your attention. Good health. "
Man: "Inhabitants Ivenets, which is in Volozhin region and radiation zone, outraged authorities Festival organized in Ivyanets role of Song and Dance BSSR Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Chernobyl tragedy turned into Chernobyl prazdnichek. Shame! "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom. "I’m not familiar with diplomacy or how else you can name, I do not know. But sorry, I wish to tell about their own experiences of what he saw and heard on Russian television. Russians spared themselves if another verb, "surpassed." Who needs such was pompous, very expensive show with burial Yeltsin? was already a little shameful to listen.
And again very evident that Belarusians different people from Russians. Now March 26 "Chernobyl Way". Belarusian people will carry the icon of Our Lady of Chernobyl Moms and quietly and humbly ask God to save our Belarus on the ground, because again, slowly, will build a nuclear power station, slowly, so as not to lose power. Sorry, worried. All the best. "
Man: "What about the prohibition of establishing satellite television dishes, as yet taken separately in the town of Lida. Not so bold leaders of public utilities in the regional center to make themselves aware of, to make that decision. Clearly, this is the touchstone and the team came from Minsk. We have held that when forbade equip balcony. Just then had not, as could it is used to replenish the coffers of the country. And at the moment the authorities have become smarter in this regard. And the fact that the overlap of fifty balconies in "Khrushchev" will be on the head falls, that the utility of Lida not afraid? Thank you. "
Inessa Romanovna, "Good day. I wish to ask such a question. Stroll rumors that Yanka Kupala Park will build a two-storey cafe, there is close to Museum of Yanka Kupala. As this right? If someone can answer, I beg you. Total decent. "
Man: "An environmental tragedy in the Vitebsk region. Not so much, but a tragedy for the surrounding living environment. If spilled 120 tons of diesel fuel through the tube, which is owned by the Russian Federation, and is obliged to pay Our homeland Belarus harmed no one million bucks … So here, managing Belarus plotted to build a nuclear power station, bringing Belarusians, of course, those who superficially knows what nuclear power station, so "argument" that we are surrounded by nuclear power plants, and if it happens, God forbid, failure, it is not pass and Belarus. But again again, God forbid, if it happens in our country, there will be a true killing people and the country. Because we tolerate much more than its neighbors. And can not no one seek to pay for their own stupidity. So stop building for themselves this nuclear scaffold. "
"I wish to express my worldview. Unless punished communist, in other words, the Bolshevik nomenklatura, these, as the president, thugs and scum will feel impunity and will create fear. Punish those bastards, as the president Thank you."
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin, Minsk region, "Good morning, I too remember the day of the Chernobyl disaster. Then I was trained in the original high school. On the day the air was a strong smell of unwashed Tipo metal. Then I still remember the loaf, why is it they say that radiation does not smell. After on-line conference with Academician Nikitchenko all became clear — radiation precipitated by spraying silver particles. And I think that the only force that will be able to change the situation in our country, — are young. "Man:" A scientist who spoke on Radio Liberty in the "Prague accent" lied, saying that the Israelis on mental reason not build a nuclear power plant. stewardship of Israel, and it has decided that we should not risk the death of the country by building a nuclear power plant. Since terrorists do not leave goals undermine it. That’s where the real reason that Israel is not building a nuclear power plant. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty! Good evening, I think we have to build a nuclear power station based on supersuchasnyh technologies and the latest science. Lithuanian salting said that they will build a nuclear power station on the French technology, which is the most advanced. If our huge policy, not lose this moment, then, at his request, it will cost us in the construction of at least 30% cheaper than if we had booked this project together. Many of our policy against nuclear power. failure that no other way . Long live Belarus! "

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