Why some countries are living worse winners losers?

Veteran: "Difficult question. Apparently, there are other people. Another attitude to work. I think so. Yes, and I live well. Even Rakfeler, and he says that bad lives."
Veteran: "It is difficult to answer. Apparently, bad management, or both? Or people do not understand much devastation was."
Colonel artillery: "We are grateful that we, veterans, Belarusian government assists. Hard at the moment, but we have to somehow survive. I party parade in 1941 in Moscow. I was nineteen years old, and I was the commander of the platoon firing. We live in the world. We have and gas, and it was warm all winter. Were provided. There are difficulties, but we promise. "
Reporter: "Why defeated countries live better some favorites?"
Veteran: "I think we are no worse than their will to live. Better. We in Belarus very good people. I myself am Russian, I live here for 65 years. In the army for eight years, 18 months during the war. I had never seen such beautiful people in Belarus. Hardworking, intelligent people. And I think that we will live better, as in the West. "
General: "We do not live worse. Available, everyone chooses their own destiny. Unemployment we have a bit more interest, access to education and medical services. Another thing, what yardstick to measure. Look at how many cars on the streets. We pay tribute to the coalition, our allies, which together fought against fascism, but a decisive contribution to the victory of Russian country brought it. "
General: "For their development, rehabilitation industry and the national economy after the war took place at the cost of other capitalist countries. And we did it all with his own hands, at the cost of internal resources. And they were very limited ".

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