Why the authorities are so worried?

"Stripping" — at the moment or forever?
Drakakhrust: "The other day celebration days of Freedom across the country rode a wave of intimidation and preventive arrests — refers to the framework of the 10 people. What is the meaning of this latest strategy authorities: this scenario ad hoc, to prevent mass rally on March 25, is a brand new strategy or business opposition (as in the past year said Lukashenko, "the former opposition after the elections will not")? Luneva Love, what do you think? "

Love Lunev: "The authorities must now find new approaches, since such a policy can not be justified."

Lunev: "I think it’s just a process that has not braked. They started doing this last year, when they were also recently preventive detention election. Segodnyaschy situation resembles very one that was last year — go to preventive detention are indicative searches when invited all the neighbors,» under paddy to leave a» Congress, that beheld people even from adjoining houses.
But I think that the authorities now have to find new approaches, since such a policy is not justified. The other day, on March 25 have been detained many activists, and people still took to the streets. Maybe power to illumine still change strategy, maybe it will not preventive arrests and searches, and not dismissal, but something else. It can be new criminal cases, but it seems that this strategy has exhausted itself. "
Drakakhrust: "Andrei Dynko, how would you answer this question: the wave of intimidation and preventive arrests recently on March 25 — is an attempt to prevent the mass for the day will or is that reality in which to live and beyond?"

Dynko: "If the authorities did nothing until March 25, then went to 20 thousand people."

Dynko: "The authorities’ strategy — not destroy the opposition and demoralize her, isolated from society. The liquidation of the opposition sees them unsafe, it could provoke any inappropriate responses, acts of desperation, what they really fear — it is not profitable to them. They want to drive the opposition in a typical ghetto, where she is still some time simulates the activity.
If authorities do nothing until March 25, then went to 20 thousand people. And it would give the opposition inspiration allowed to declare themselves for extensive. Since the government does not think in terms of a day or the 1st or the 1st year, she wants to make a flawless dictatorship that would have lasted as long as it would be willing to driver group. "
Drakakhrust: "Ales Bialiatski, Love Luneva read that preventive actions were in the past. But they were not every day, for example, in December or January is the full" cleansing "was not, it was before March 25. Segodnyaschy That campaign will last constantly whether pause until the next "time W"? "

Ales Bialiatski: "Even before the action on March 25 and the general mood of society was evident that this action can not be a turning point."

Bialiatski: "We are looking at a wave of internment — we call them, because all these detentions occur based on fun, fictional circumstances. This is the third wave in the last year: the presidential elections were, in the time they had detained more than 100 persons were local elections, when it was also arrested a few 10’s of people, and now the other day, March 25, we have seen the same thing.
Because there is not anything new, it has already been tested on 3 campaigns preventive measure public activity, the measure, which they use from time to time and out of place, since even before the action on March 25 and the general mood of society was evident that this action can not be climactic. Yet, it was announced "Storm Warning" on all the repressive power structures and they absolutely have used their ways. But I must say that at the moment and activists were more circumspect, many disappeared and "live" until March 25, so that in the day Will participate in this action. "
Case "Young Front"
Drakakhrust: "Ales said about" funny and fictional "background detentions. They soon were not always funny and did not always have the result of an arrest or a fine only.
This week took a new step of the criminal case, "Young Front" — right Dimitri Khvedaruk and Oleg Korban charges of participation in an unregistered organization exhibited Palazhanka Anastasia, Alexei and Januszewski Haretski.
I recall that in the past year on the same charges were arrested and convicted four members of an unregistered organization "Partnership", also a member of "Young Front" Dashkevich. Later — Pause: This article introduced in the Penal Code in late 2005, allegedly "fell asleep." And at the moment, "awakened" again. Why? Andrei Dynko, what is your explanation? "

Dynko: "Another case against the" Young Front "- the case of the same series that translating the stories on Russian language or treatment programs in literature. "

Dynko: "This is also part of a longish strategy designed to ensure that in the end the country free of the opposition, to deprive another tradition. Another trial against the" Young Front "- this case In the same series as the translation into Russian history or treatment programs in literature. This reaction to the maintenance and enhancement of liberation sentiment among young people. We know that in almost all schools, youth whole classes refuses to join the Youth Union, refuses to participate in ideological activities.
"Young Front" has not curtailed activity, and it razyushvae power. They would want that small measures of intimidation led to the fact people be expanded.
It struck me that, when it was dealing Dashkevycha, it is not difficult to leave the country in America with an obvious hint that Abide you there, young man, and everything will be relaxed. And he did not stay, he returned. They thought that this sentence be intimidated, and have seen that the organization even extended series began to use new ways of working. "
Drakakhrust: "Alexander, and you will be able to explain this selective action of these new laws?"
Bialiatski: "Office" writes his briefs on the basis of which used this article 193 of the Criminal Code. I agree with Andrew that the authorities react more intensely to the youth organizations that may participate in visual, visible actions, demonstrations, pickets, etc. So makarom "Young Front" and falls under the roller.
First blow to the organization itself has suffered in the past year when they were arrested Zmitser Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich. Looked — organization lives, means you need to expand the circle, and at the moment we we see, that is not two, but six persons prosecuted, also 10s questioned across the country.
This article — the "do" or "do not" — working with these razbiranni coming months.
I think that the government will seek to conduct this process as quickly as possible to neutralize this youth company. "

Love Lunev: "The most dangerous thing in their power to — is that they are ideological. Whether it is the only organization that has never had any 1st grant them only for the idea."

Lunev: "Maybe you remember that during last year’s event representatives of the mov
ement" Bison "announced the dissolution of their own organization. And in fact," Young Front "was the only youth organization in this field. What specifically against the organization is no longer one times used such measures — is evidence that these young people do not play by the rules, which they try to throw the KGB. These young people are knocked out of the total number.
Repression against the "Young Front" caused but the rest, the fact that very many of their supporters in the regions. When Artur Finkevich was convicted and only came to serve his sentence in Mogilev, came to him and a few friends over a day or two Mogilev organization "Young Front" consisted of at least 50 people. It is very dangerous for the authorities.
These young people speak Belarusian, but this generation will not reject a hundred percent of all Russian. These young people will never utter the "majestic Russian people", but utter "majestic Pushkin", "majestic Tchaikovsky." But the most dangerous thing in their power to — is that they are ideological. Is not the only organization that has never had any 1st grant them only for the idea, they sew flags themselves do all these logos and the sympathy of their own peers. "
Case Christina Shatsikava
Drakakhrust: "I wish to talk about another story that also happened in Mogilev and reminiscent of the dark practice of punitive psychiatry Brezhnev era. I mean direction in the mad house activist Christine Shatsikava. Why did you decide to use such a method that is not enough of others, conventional forms of persecution of the opposition? Luneva Love, word for you. "

Love Lunev: "So the authorities decided to show:" She’s crazy what you want from it, ordinary people are not there. "

Lunev: "This is not the first case, such situations have been in the past year, and This year. I think this is such a PR by the authorities. Many young people were in this space after the events in the square Kalinowski, and one of them — it’s Christina Shatsikava.
She has orange hair, typical clothes, she distinguishes this Malady, who dress more timidly. She once worked in a circus tent, and its appearance, demeanor, including police officers — are not like the others.
So the authorities decided to show: "She’s crazy what you want from it, ordinary people are not there." Once removed a tent camp on the square Kalinowski at BT showed syringes: say, there were drug addicts and n» zapivoh. Well, now — besides crazy. "
Drakakhrust: "Alexander, Love calls deal Shatsikava" PR "authorities. But it is not safe for the reputation of the PR authorities. Arrests, detentions are used in almost all countries of the world, but throw in kipyatochek» yatnyu political activist — is in globally, and particularly in Europe, is completely specific association and evaluation. And why, in your opinion, it is still left? "

Ales Bialiatski: "We have seen throughout this year, the Belarusian authorities have broadened their own" assortment "punitive tools."

Bialiatski: "Nothing in this world is not new uzreesh. At the moment I’m at the OSCE conference in Vienna, where he addresses issues such as freedom of association and assembly, there were representatives of non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, those who managed to escape from there, we hear what is happening in Turkmenistan.
Set repressive means of totalitarian regimes is not much different. We have seen throughout this year, the Belarusian authorities have also extended their own "assortment" punitive tools we beheld planted cartridges Baranovichi activist Victor Syritsu we beheld planted drugs in the car chairman of the Union of Poles Angelika Borys, beheld accusations of terrorism leveled Paul Krasovskii.
Now and have seen such "good old" tool as psychiatric punishment, applied to the activist. I would not say that it is so very very distinguished in this generation of young people: they dress, they want to, but exactly razdimanne hysteria recently acquired March 25 and forms that have not been applied by our authorities. "

Dynko: "The regime is afraid of making heroes and to multiply the number of victims."

Dynko: "I can add that to a certain extent the image of powerlessness. They can neither persuade nor intimidate such people, as Shatsikava and float past means. It is also an image of what old methods do not work, read about what Love Lunev. Such excesses as in Mogilev — this is no accident, not any of the tyranny of the local police or the KGB, is the result of public policy and advocacy: if it is "lousy people" that these people need to cure.
As I understand it, from the performers in the field demand that the opposition remained. And you really decide how to do to her left. What artists are able to do on the ground, if it is and nothing I will not drive him out? So they go to the last steps.
At the same time, I say that the regime is afraid to make the characters and to multiply the number of victims. Because Shatsikava still released by holding a day or 3. Think that this is to intimidate her. "
Drakakhrust: "Love Luneva held that the activities of youth activists, namely" Young Front "" unsafe for power. "And what is the danger? Does it seem to you that the campaign launched by the government, was inadequate to the danger to which the authorities was? Even the days of celebration organizers Will Vyachorka and Ivashkevich declared that ‘no revolution planned and expected. "So why did the authorities acted so makarom as if the revolution is just on the doorstep?
If a revolutionary situation is not based on beliefs of the organizers share, which the authorities had to worry about? Andrew, what do you think? "

Dynko "Lukashenkovtsy believe that reality becomes only what goes on television screens."

Dynko: "Unlike Milosevic, Shevardnadze either or Mechyyara Lukashenko think in very long term. Preventive measures that they use do not apply only to prevent mass actions. It also vstaranenne all possible rivals. Marinich once planted, which is seen as a potential presidential candidate. If is independent press has not had special effects, it tried to eliminate, so she has not developed to this effect.
In certain qualities lukashenkovtsy — constructive postmodernists. They are, for example, recent materialists relyatyvisty past, they believe that reality becomes only what goes on television screens. Because everything is done to work alternative society there was not hit. Then could collapse this painstakingly built a simulacrum.
These springtime action as they could get on the TV screen? If there were a lot of people or if were a hassle. Well, everything is done to prevent this. Lukashenkovtsy alternately, month after month make a reality for the masses and the second — for self-contained society.
Information about all these detention completely misses neither BT nor the "Russian Belarus" inhabitant Ivatsevichy district, for sure, and does not know what is happening. But radio "Freedom", "Charter 97" times a day is rebroadcast. And bullying occurs-independent society. "
Drakakhrust: "Love, you said that youth movements are unsafe for power. And what?"

Love Lunev: "In the Brezhnev era dissidents were sitting for years in a psychiatric hospital. And here the authorities feared rebellion from our doctors, because these people also live in our society, they are intellectuals."

Lunev: "I was on 25 March another area about 11 hours. And I beheld the behavior of police officers. There was no anger. Police and special forces, not to mention the internal forces soldier, always make orders. Occasionally, even the officers do not understand why such specific orders. They put task, for example, that there were no people on the square, or as it was at the moment, to make a "picture" when men walked on the side of the column, so that people do not beheld how exactly participants.
But I beheld, as motorists who drove past the demonstration showed fingers V — the symbol of victory and a symbol sygnalili solidarity with the demonstrators. Although police and traffic police have orders to be fined for this, but specifically not beheld March 25, that they were opposed to such developments. They also live in a society, they are also almost universally understood.
And even this example Christina Shatsikava also testifies. When we say that this is a return to the Brezhnev era, no. In the Brezhnev era dissidents were sitting for years in these clinics. And here the authorities feared revolt by our doctors because these people also live in our society, they are intellectuals.
After adjustment, after publication in the magazine "Ogonek" everyone knows about punitive psychiatry. I think the authorities have calculated that at the moment, in today’s criteria, it can not pass. Because Christine and held only a day or 3.
And the same thing happened with these "sweeps" the other day on March 25. Authorities are aware that they now hold concretely on these fighters internal troops, these militiamen, who have orders to do so how else they will not work there, and they have nowhere to go. Their Minsk resident only since they work with the police. And if he would be fired, what should he do? In the village vorachivatsya?
It is payment. After all, if it were not for these preventive measures (and here, too, the authorities are afraid to multiply than to call back the waves), it seems to me, and came to 100 thousand people, and maybe more. A 100 thousand — this is a situation where there was nothing to do. "

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