Why the Belarusian youth shattered?

Recently the prazdnichka favorite number of youth organizations held a conference on democratic direction. Meeting is not accomplished in Belarus and Lithuania. "In Belarus, all of us could hold. This has happened several times," — they say participants. Among them Followers "Junior Front"" BPF Youth "," civilians Forum "and other organizations.
"Frontovets" Franak Vyachorka believes in Belarus not enough communication between youth communities. Talk and often must meet not only the favorite, and the rank and file activists. At the meeting in Lithuania agreed to do the organizing committee of the Youth Forum and adopt a general appeal to the leaders of the democratic opposition. His sense — to denote the ratio of the burning political issues.
And maybe you, so for solving a number of problems together and took opposition activists of pro-government organizations? Franak Vyachorka close cooperation prospects "BPF Youth" with the Belarusian Republican Youth Union does not see.
"We do not intersect points of cooperation. BRYU fact created by a political order, and I see the overall work only with those organizations that have emerged from the bottom. Yesterday’s decision to have the intention to cooperate the first step towards the Belarusian youth solidarity."
Which in turn reflect on youth solidarity BRYU? Head of the Department of Agitation BRYU Ivan Sinichkin honestly admitted this day no activities planned. "You know, these days a lot," — said Ivan Sinichkin. But the outlook on the ability of cooperation with the opposition youth structures:
"Talk about the cooperation with a single organization — it narrowly. We are ready to cooperate with at least what organizations that are registered."
Meanwhile most of the youth structures democratic direction are not registered. Activists they say that the Ministry of Justice deliberately ignores them, besides the existing laws are very complicated this feature. In the midst of the conference participants in Lithuania was Dmitry Yanenka This is the meaninge exception. Organization "Leninsky Komsomol of Belarus", which he heads, is registered. I asked Dmitry may be, for example, cooperation Komsomol activists BRYU in protecting students from potential elimination of benefits for travel on public transport?
"Belarusian Republican Youth Union will not do it. Indeed they do only that tells power, and power is currently preparing such a law. No, we did not even lose the wasted time on proposals."
Ivan Sinichkin of Youth Union, in turn, said that in the fight against cancellation of privileges student expects more deputies representatives of this organization than street protests.

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