Will be closed on the duty-free shops?

In case of closure of shops people hardly able to find another job
At around the perimeter of the Belarusian border in the direction of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine are 52 duty free shop duty-free (duty-free). They embrace the State airport "Minsk-2", auto checkpoints as railway stations.
Since 1996, a presidential decree in Minsk opened befitting shop for foreign diplomats, which is subordinate to the General Directorate of the diplomatic corps in service and official delegations "Dipservice" Office of the President.
But the new document developed by the presidential administration, anticipates a significant reduction beloved places stop those who go beyond the borders of Belarus, reports Prime-Tass.
It is understood that remain from the previous fifty two stores: State airport "Minsk-2" and has said "Dipservice" where will be able to make purchases only accredited diplomats in Belarus.
Employees of duty-free shops in the local job prospects selpo perceive negatively.
So, all the staff duty free shops at the border crossing "Stone Log" comes from adjacent Oshmyan.
Head 1st of stores owned by the company "Bella Trading", reads as follows: in the case of the closure of shops people hardly able to find another job:
"As in all malehankih campuses job here is very difficult. But as for our team, there are no discussions about anything as it was not conducted. And I believe that if what decision will be honest, this information will be in our control. And we just bring to information.
But the existence of such stores first in the interests of the country, when people leave here buyers currency. What we have in the state as excessive currencies? In particular, presently, in connection with … Sorry, I’m nothing at all should read … "
Through shops are wholesale schemes illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco?
Discussion of the need to close the duty free shops have been conducted for more than one year. As a result, the Committee municipal control checks revealed: through duty-free shops wholesale schemes illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco.
But instead of exact originally affirmative action directly before the closing stores were prepared adjustments: appropriate services only increased control over the movement of products through duty-free.
The company "Helen Valerie" that has a network of border duty-free shops, said that now no claim to them by the authorities no control:
"You know, we are guided only official information. And if at the moment the debate resumed, it seems, knows better management of the country, what to do, and what is not. Four years were reversed due diligence National Audit Office, whereupon no checks no longer there. And the results of these checks were great. Otherwise, someone would have been closed. "
According to experts, the idea to close the duty free shops brought analysis of the situation, made the State Control Committee.
As the Managing research center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, counted the number of people who traveled abroad through border checkpoints, and the amount of product sold in duty-free shops.
It turned out that the average person who travels to other countries, accounting for 10 liters. alcohol (and strong drinks in such amounts can not be imported into any country).
In other words, there is reason to read that some stores are used to purchase products and then import it back to Belarus. And it violates the law and the status of duty free shops.

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, in the past year, imports of alcoholic beverages through duty-free shops reached almost 700 thousand decaliters worth about 25 million dollars. This is 75% of total imports of these products.

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