Will Dmitry Dmitry Lukashenko Cancer?

In the past year, December 10, in preparation for the World Cup in step Jilin Chinese 30-year-old Dmitry Cancer complex received a head injury. More than a month was unconscious and only 1 February Israeli aircraft delivered in Minsk fifth clinical clinic. Week reversal doctors considered: the process must translate into active rehabilitation and transferred to the clinic Cancer "Aksakovschina" near Minsk.
It clarifies the press attache of the State Olympic Committee Peter Riabukhin rehabilitation process — a very important point, which requires significant costs. There is no guarantee that will not have the ability to find rehabilitation abroad, where every day costs about five hundred dollars. Immediately sovereign Riabukhin not divide representation: that the government can not take care of their own athletes and all translates into ordinary people:
"One hundred percent of all that relates to medicines, and healing will cover NOC and Sports Ministry. Regarding relevant pharmaceuticals, then turns to us the chief doctor of sports medicine dispensary and expressly states: need such and such drugs, they are in such- then such a country. And we will promptly decide everything. Because all the questions are closed. And the money — it is an act of support and solidarity. to remember: the person needs help. A means, I wish to say too redundant in the family does not happen. Therefore that at the moment honey main course of treatment is completed and went rehabilitation. Also a fundamental step that asks a lot of money and, and physical effort. "
Worth remembering: absolutely not so long ago, Alexander Lukashenko, pompous opened a new ski resort in the Red glade near Sochi. There flew a special charter plane current and former athletes, vakolspartovyh functionaries, artists, etc. Estimates weekly rest period agaloshvavsya, but how many days a rehabilitation course Dmitry Cancer could fully compensate. Moreover, as we found out in particular do not have to impose on insurance premiums. Head coach of the state team in freestyle Belarus Nikolai Kozeko said, the entire amount of "ate" lease aircraft that brought Cancer in Minsk. Well, in general, as it turns out, insurance procedure in Belarus — a private matter, in including and extreme sportsman:
"Here you are, for example, here are insured? Well, I’m not immune. Only thing not so long ago when he took a loan, then had to be insured, the bank must do. If traveling abroad, of course, honey is made insurance. First, from the ill-fated events. Insurance in such cases Standard — 70 thousand dollars. We did not even know that this amount at the moment, especially after plane order and delivery costs, on finding it in China more expensive cost. Just have missed these 70 thousand. "
And National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry does not have an organization that is threatened with bankruptcy. General partner and tenants areas NOC — "National Sports Lotteries" of money which means that the turnover number of Belarusians firmly "hooked" on the lottery. And the committee and the Ministry of severe sponsors who who volunteer and who is a stable and forcibly transferred to the account funds. In addition, both structures actively cooperate with the organization that declares its own statutory objective time "holding fundraisers." This refers to the youngest son created under Lukashenko, Dmitry, President’s Sports Club. Of course, taking care of patients in mind that athletes are not allowed.
In 2002, Switzerland Dmitry Cancer also got injured languid, causing obliged missed one season. At this point in the return series may be delayed. Yet, head coach of the Belarusian team Nikolay Kozeko trusts — let the collective efforts, but Dmitry still cope with the trauma. At least, special undertakes no responsibility to put a definitive diagnosis of their own students:
"What do you mean? How am I going to make such a verdict? Vaughn Lina Chyrazavay (Uzbek fristaylistka, bearer of the Olympic gold in Lilehamery in 1994 — MS) that the injury was more serious, and she still whereupon performed at the Olympics. So no "sentences" there can be no. He is currently in Aksakovschina. Neurosurgery Center of it written out, in other words, he was already there, they believe, nothing to do, it is at such a stage where you need to focus on rehabilitation. "
This past February, Dmitry cancer for the first time on the podium: in the World Cup in the Czech Republic, he won the bronze medal.

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