Will Sweden and Finland in NATO?

Will Sweden and Finland in NATO?
The question of joining NATO in Finland and Sweden for a couple of years is haunted politicians and military in many countries.

Finnish cooperation with NATO is gradually becoming more and more closely. Finnish army not once took part in NATO exercises. Servicemen Finland were part of NATO troops located in Afghanistan.

Virtually all Finnish political parties have supporters joining NATO. The main supporter of this idea is the President of Finland Saul Niinistö and past Managing Foreign Ministry Alexander Stubb. Information Service of the National Defence Finland constantly conducts sociological surveys to learn about the world population prospects of joining NATO.

At the same time it should be noted that, despite the efforts of supporters «Atlanticist» in the nation, 70% of Finns do not agree with the introduction of its own country in at least some military bloc.

Managing Finnish diplomacy Erkki Tuomioja, like a bureaucrat, gave a twofold evaluation plans Finland’s membership in NATO: «As recorded in the program of the Government, Finland is not a member of a military alliance, but cooperates with NATO and retains the possibility of applying for membership in it.» To keep good relationship with the U.S. and NATO members, the Finns decided to purchase in the United States cruise missiles «air-land» 145 million euros, 70 managed tactical missiles, additional equipment for $ 132 million

Can not say that «gullible» behold the Finns than threatening them joining one of the brutal military units in the world. Indeed, in the case of adoption of this solution, the boundary of the country in a matter of months, overgrown defensive components of the U.S. missile defense system, an offensive military equipment. And obviously these nedruzheskie acts designed to create tension between Finland and Russia. It is possible that Finland’s NATO membership would change the global geopolitical situation in the region.

There is a legitimate question — why the Finns NATO, because living without it for a long time?

In 1-x, the population of Finland a few (only 5 million people), although the size of the area the country ranks fifth in Europe. It is clear that the Finns first place put the safety of their country, and they are willing to lose part of their sovereignty in favor of a strong defender.

In-2-x, the Finns hope that by joining NATO, they will raise their own status and will be important, influencing the decision naikrupneyshgo military-political bloc euro, since at least some of the NATO member may act to block the military-political masses.

But if the Finns are afraid for their safety, where did all the same, in their opinion, pose a threat? How to find the inhabitants of Finland, the first threat — it is terrorism. But the second — this imperial ambitions of. But cheers the fact that opinion polls show that the yearly decrease in the number of people in Finland who believe that the Russian attack on their country — and now «atlantists» an absolute minority.

Finland has positioned itself as a neutral country. Experts they say that NATO unavoidable turn it into a training ground for locating military objectives in other countries — NATO members. At the same time it acts, there is another — the financial side. After the deployment of U.S. military bases on the territory of other states paid great USA, and Finland’s economy also suffers from the global crisis affecting virtually all countries of the world. In general, the Finns have long been involved in all the military operations of the alliance because of the neutrality of the country can seemingly no longer read. As demonstrated by the action of recent years, Finland is very willing to participate in shaping global policy, as the front door to this «magical world» Finns is NATO.

Currently, more than 2-thirds of the EU are members of the Alliance. Realistically, Finland’s NATO entry does not affect the current level of EU pressure on Russia.

Experts predict that if Finland joining NATO, still refrain from placing on its territory of foreign military bases, the deal with Russia is likely to remain unchanged — cooperation and good neighborly relations. But in the case of Finland in South American military contingent will, it will be regarded as a smooth Russian military threat.

Flirting with NATO, Suomi very interested in visiting their country of tourists from Russia and maintaining good neighborly and mutually beneficial relations with its eastern neighbor.

From the foregoing it can be represented subsequent version of subsequent events — Finland is likely to join the alliance, but it will not have in their own areas of strategic weapons and large military compound allies.

A similar situation exists in the adjacent Sweden.

In the kingdom of Sweden is the bicentennial neutrality. Sweden has the most powerful army in the midst of the neutral countries. Once a year in the army of the country pouring five thousand recruits. As appropriate military department Sweden can mobilize up to 60 thousand people. Swedish civilian society has long been pushing the requirement to cancel the call. In this situation the country is thinking about joining the NATO military alliance or another.

Sweden’s long stay in a state of neutrality left an imprint on the country’s military doctrine. In the years of the Soviet Union, the Swedish military doctrine based on defensive strategy and protect the country from «Russian danger.» While Sweden could expose million-strong army and it took into account in their own plans for NATO strategists. They are completely satisfied with Sweden as a shield Scandinavian foothold and ally of the North Atlantic bloc. Swedish army has weapons and vehicles of its own production, and Swedish fighter JAS 39 Grifen even exported to countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway. Swedish army servicemen armed with assault rifles Ak Ak 5 and 4, produced by Swedish enterprises. Tank units are also provided local defense industry products — Strv tanks 121 and 122 Strv. Sweden itself builds ships for its own Navy, including Visby class corvettes and submarines. Quality equipment is such that the U.S. leased from Sweden diesel-electric submarines, as the South American producers are not able to offer South American Navy modern models diesel submarines.

In the 90s began to open a discussion openly question of joining NATO in Sweden. In 1994 Sweden participated in the program of NATO «Partnership for Peace» and it became the first and important step towards the Swedish kingdom in the North Atlantic Alliance. Sweden was sure that in case of military conflict, NATO will come to help, but often dressed Swedish authorities have become bureaucrats talk about the need for the country’s accession to NATO. In connection with the anger of NATO in Iraq, the Swedish public did not support the initiative «Atlanticist» — Nobody cheered by the prospect of being in the Iraqi theater of operations. In Sweden shirilos social movement, acting under the motto «NATO out of Sweden.» Survey of public opinion showed that the majority of Swedes oppose joining NATO kingdom. But, in spite of people’s perceptions of their own country, the Swedish army intensively cooperates with NATO, participating in numerous military exercises and joint operations with NATO on the ground in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.

Sweden’s entry into NATO also has the economic side. Even so small, the Swedish army requests yearly funding of $ 7 billion., Which is 1.7% of GDP. Swedes are not averse to pass on to the Allies at least part of these costs. Because cooperation with NATO will continue to Swedes. Sweden immediately perceive all measures to increase their role in the military structure of the EU and will try to become the favorite Nordic Battle Group.

One must also note the fact that the governments of both countries in question coming into military blocs constitutionally bound hand. Referenda in the current time, it makes no sense, since most of the people of these States to the entry of their countries into NATO. On the issue of funding was also not so simple — membership in NATO will claim from Sweden and Finland, the growth of the military budget, on these countries in the current time is not ready.

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