Will you take part in cleanup?

Lady "Very badof concern and we are working on this Saturday. Very nice to look at the city after the work day. "
Lady: "I think this is very useful for the town. And for people — to visit the nature, on the air. "
Man: "I will not participate. Subbotnik optionally must be tied to April 22. You can work in another day. "
Man: "We need to clean house in the town, and I will participate."
Young Man: "I do not even know what a work day."
Man: "In the cleanup will not participate. For what? We have for this special service, they are paid money. And people need to work and not to clean the streets. "
Man: "positive attitude. The town is streamlined, and it is excellent. "
Reporter: "Either awake participate in cleanup? And how do you refer to this event? "
Man: "I do not know about the work day."
Student: "Apparently, I will."
Man: "I work in a company, and if utter, then leave to work on. And so — have something to do."
Woman: "I will, it is very need it. "
Young Man: "Skip Subbotnik impossible — by force. ‘Cause go."
Man: "I think, it is a relic of the Russian already got all. No result of not. And people come to work, where do nothing. "

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