Wreath memory Alexey Anishchik

Alexei Anishchik born July 19, 1912 in the village of Mondino that Novogrudok. He studied at the famous Novogrudskaya school, then graduated in Polish institutions. Recalls compatriot Alexei Anishchik writer Olga Ipatova
"We assist, when I worked in the newspaper" Culture "to make it best for my eyes, book "Belarusian Novogrudskaya gymnasium." There he gathered just indescribable amount fatakartak, certificates and opened Belarus this page of our Belarusian life that knows about martyrdom, about sacrifice, about what our Belarusian intelligentsia and in times of war, and to her, and that she was brought up with the students.
Itself for itself Alexei Anishchik product also here this authentic real Belarusian gymnasium education, and so he became Belarusian patriot. "
Personality Anishchik Alexei had a huge impact on those who first became interested in the 1990 revival of the Belarusian thought life in Vilnius. Despite already own a decent age, he gave to the newspaper ratapryntse "Pursuit", participated in all public affairs.
Says art critic and journalist Sergei Hareuski:
"He worked about everything: about the Belarusian school, and about belorusistiki department at the Institute, and on the television program from Belarus, and about our business young. Everywhere he went that-nibudt bring their own — then a good word or good advice, or what something documents, memoirs. "
And remember that the Emperor was Anishchik. He was a classmate and friend of the famous scientist Boris China, made friends with many other figures of the Belarusian emigration performed in 1944 at the Second All-Belarusian Congress hiding after the war in Poland from the Russian secret police, but was captured and sentenced to death. Later the sentence was changed to 25 years imprisonment, which was in hard labor in the mines.
After his release in 1962 he settled in Lithuania. Worked as an engineer and wrote poetry and memoirs, a few books which managed to publish only after the collapse of the USSR. Behind him was adopted Belarusian Writers Alliance.
Sergei Hareuski continues:
"It was a walking encyclopedia, it was itself for itself, if you will, a living monument of which can be was to draw and draw. At the moment, you can feel sorry and I regret only one thing that not all recorded. Although what I was familiar with him, for me now is a great honor. "
Alexei Anishchik buried now St. Euphrosyne cemetery in Vilnius. He is survived by wife of 87-year-old Lena and ally.

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