Wreath Memory: Lucian Pavlik

Lucian Pavlik was born December 21, 1913 close Seldtsov located on the side of Brest — now on the ground in Poland.
In 1938 he arrived in Vilnius to end priestly studies, and even during the occupation was appointed to serve in the parish on Mershchyne. Immediately after the war he was appointed abbot of the monastery in the convent in Druya Marians.
Knows the writer, editor of the Catholic magazine for kids "Little Knight of the Immaculate" Ira Zharnasiek:
"He took with all the enthusiasm to renovate this beautiful our sanctuary. He put it four years, and in 1948, when it was appointed date of initiation of the sanctuary rebuilt anew, he learned that it opened a case in the NKVD. Was arrested and received a sentence death, which was changed to May 20 years in the camps. "
After his release in 1957, he came to serve in the village on Zadorozhe Glybochchyne. His parishioner table and a small IRA, the future writer and mom priest Alexander Zhernosek.
Ira says:
"When I was taken to a first communion, first confession to him, my grandmother always secretly drove through the forest, when the teacher was not close, there was no duty watchful eyes of evil. But not only I took advantage of this — it could come to the people at any time of from different parts of the Vitebsk region of Belarus and in general. "
Once a year in days of parish prazdnichkom Russian authorities allowed residents of villages in which churches were closed, lead priest there from other areas.
So the boy from the village Frantisek Kissel Mosar first saw and heard the famous zadaroskaga priest inspired by which he became a priest. And these young men in the region very many.
Says the parish of St. Andrew Boboli in Polotsk and Vitebsk Diocese Vicar General Frantisek Kissel:
"I also belong to those priests who have grown under his leadership, the church was when we closed and he came to Mosar. I remember him coming, as it brought in a truck — while everything was so hard. His preaching was so strong that for a long time in Mosar all just were in charge of it this sermon. "
Spacing between the church in which the priest is then went Pavlik measured km hundred square meters. But the priest — the legend to the same as during adjustment, despite the rather advanced age, he rebuilt the churches throughout the northwestern region of Vitebsk — in Prazaroki, Chernevich Luzhkov, Hermanovitch, Proshkovo, Padsvilli …
Ira continues Zharnasiek:
"I am very grateful to him that I was in my life this man, whereby first retained faith in my soul, which is transmitted to my children and many, many people. And unbelief drowned our area. "
Priest Lucian Pavlik will be buried on April 14 in the monastery graveyard Drouhin.

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