Wreath Memory: Valery set the

Valery set the born March 15, 1953 in Klecka in the Minsk region.
After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU was a correspondent for the local rayonki, editor Novogrudskaya newspaper "New Life" Deputy Chairman TV and Radio Grodno.
Says writer and our Grodno worker Sergei Ostrovtsov:
"And TBM studio he had founded, and he invited people from different political parties, so that they could speak, so it was interesting. He felt here this democratization that began first 1990s, and he was trying to promote it on television.
By the way, he always spoke in Belarusian and Belarusian-ethnographers and invited scholars to Byelorussian was on television and so belarushchyna was on television.
And despite that, he was a bureaucrat, he was constantly in the BPF. It is because of this it was etched, and, of course, he was there for an awkward authorities. In the late 1990s, it survived there. "
With addition time Valery gave himself completely set the public work. Initially, the association "Town Hall", and later in the Belarusian Society of the school. There he arranged meetings with famous Belarusian culture, engaged in the publication of books of local writers and local historians, founded and edited the newsletter "Belarusian School", in which printed materials about the state of the Belarusian-language education in the Grodno region.
Recalls one young Valery Specifies MP Supreme Council 12th convocation Levon Deiko:
"He did such severe memory, decent, thorough person, a man who is strong in their own beliefs and their own actual commitments in their work. Fact that he recently passed only 54 years old, it is very hurt, as such people not enough, and if they go in advance and need our current time, specifically Belarus from time to time, well, it just hurts the soul. "
Valéry were assigned survived by a wife Ludmilla and Anton offspring. And many, many colleagues and students.
Says his young friend from Hrodna TBSH Julia Kotskaya:
"Valery Stepanovich was my actual mentor, as a person who gave me a big boost of respect for native Belarusian language. And working with him in the Society of Belarusian school in Grodno is for me one of the most the highlights of my life.
And for me it is difficult to imagine that I come to work — and it will not be there because it was really very decent, very experienced and very pochetaemy man. "
Valery set the be buried on April 13 in Auls cemetery in the suburb of Grodno.

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