Young Front activists visited Gulag prisoner Hope Demidovich

As saidand "Freedom" a member of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Valery Chernomortsev, accomplished meeting victims of political repression of different generations. Hope Romanovna Demidovich learned Stalinist repression. She was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for membership in the Union of Belarusian youth. She participated in the uprising of prisoners in the camp Kengir. Hope Demidovich writes poetry, she — created 2-books about stalinsikya repression.
Youth activists Haretski and Oleg Korban — accused in a criminal case brought against the KGB "Junior Front"For his role in an unregistered organization. They, together with other activists organizations now congratulated Hope Romanovna on his 80th birthday. This anniversary, she noted earlier.
Hope Demidovich previously uchavstvovala in almost all promotions Democratic Forces. Many years in a row on Dzyady foot was about 10 km in the procession to Kurapaty. But at the moment due to age and health problems did not actually leave the house.
As Hope said Demidovich, for it is a gift bolshennymi if it Away — a Belarusian youth.

Photographic archive of "Liberty": Hope Demidovich October 2006

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