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Your questions are answered on activists "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, Aleh Korban, Haretski Valery Mackiewicz, Dmitry and Alexey Fedoruk Januszewski.

In an interview with "Freedom" Anastasia Palazhanka said:

"Young Front" showed the greatest activity during the after presidential elections. We worked as best they could, tried to add some political energy society, that society feels that policy — the case of all.

Why specifically "Young Front"Was instituted criminal case? We were not afraid of political repression. We were not scared when we took away the favorites. On the contrary — the youth got up and youth began to resist and fight. It seems to be difficult because of any of these criminal cases, the places on us, we believe that to be Malady — it’s an honor. I believe that the criminal case against us — it’s not only a case against five people identified. This case opened on "Young Front", generally young people, to show that it is better to sit at home and quietly burrows and not stick out. So, we will continue to fight for our country.

I’m sure that "Young Front" even if we’ll be behind bars, will fight on. I very much hope that the criminal case against a very Young people excite society will raise some wave, so enough already political prisoners in our country. Need to forget what we Tipo can not do anything with this power, you need to beat. And I hope that our example will be the Young Front example for all others. "

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