Yu.Slutskaya: media should not be a municipal

Chief Editor of "Newspapers Slonim" Victor Volodoschuk:
"First need to change the law, as the case of the authorities to independent publications. Are independent media at the moment so appointed reddish flags as wolves, and keep in this square. Marry him — start shooting hunters, figuratively if to say, "says Victor Volodoschuk.
Editor in Chief-independent newspaper "Our word" Stanislav Sudnik:
"It is necessary just this freedom and to give. Though what the print edition should be responsible for their own objectivity disk imaging before any municipal bureaucrats, but only before the tribunal. "
Former editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" Yulia Slutskaya:
"First it is necessary that the media were not municipal. This is the main condition for the freedom of the press was so. "
Editor in Chief-independent newspaper "Free Deep" Vladimir Skrabatun:
"I know it must. Need to change the power. Freedom of speech seems to us and legislated. Fact, that nothing is done. Do not give distribute, give write newspaper. It is necessary that it was punishment for bureaucrats who violate the law. In general, if society is not to think themselves free, what kind of freedom of the press can be read. People should feel that they need a free press. And people still living Russian representation: they pronounced that a free press — bad. So many and thinks. "

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