Yuri Hubarevich: Young have more energy, and they are the future.

He is 29 years old, born in Belaaziorsk, family engineers.
Has two higher education. In 2000 he graduated from the faculty of the Belarusian State Energy Polytechnic Academy. In 2003 — Masters of the Lviv Regional Institute of Municipal Management Municipal Management Academy under the President of Ukraine.
Participated the organizing committee of the war, a member of its Central Council, was executive secretary of the Belarusian student union "Solidarity", the regional coordinator of the Youth Information Centre. Elected deputy was Deputy Chairman Belozersky City Council of Deputies.
Since 2003 — Chairman of the Brest regional branch of the BPF.
Recording video clips transmission (4 Mb).

Response to a question from Vitebsk Gennady: "Does it seem to you, nownal favorites Democratic Forces not controlled with their obligations? And they are only capable of any disputes, the internecine strife. But, like our government, struggling cling to his seat. And the conflict will not happen when young force youth to express their own ambitions and want to take their place? And yet, how and when to happen transfer opportunities between generations? "
Hubarevich: "Thank you very much. Well, I would not put the question so adamantly that the adult generation of political leaders already on what is not capable. On Actually at their very great political experience, which is not in the younger generation — it must be taken into account. And my eyes configuration all the same should happen, but must be evolutionary method … "
Listen to the transfer of Alexander Ulitenko the evening air on Friday, April 20.

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