Z.Kaspyarovich: share should continue saving the monastery

"The Ministry kept short pause — Saturday did not have time adhrystsitstsa from the project, and on Wednesday had already spotted him and approved. And now the municipal television showed calming story, as they say, everything is fine invented — and the hotel is built, and the church will keep."
Kaspiarovich Emperor believes that this nepoprostu — authorities do not intend to stop think of.
"At this point you should continue this action save the monastery for Why fulfill all the legal procedures. We will write to the Ministry, the Prosecutor’s Office, says the city Kaspiarovich. But if we see that the work started, begin to act vigorously. "
Sovereign Kaspiarovich does not exclude that it will protests.
"If the protection of the church not only subscribed thousands of people, yes and went out to defend him, the believers should be considered. Church authorities to join the same time. For them it would be a good push, if Minsk Catholics began arriving from all over the country. "

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