Z.Paznyaka: enhanced anti-Belarusian society in policy

Zenon Pozniak said that at the moment Belarusian society "enhanced anti-Belarusian politics":
"It would seem that after the oil and gas conflict with Russia and diatribes against Putin regime owed to make some adjustments in the internal politics for the benefit of civilization. Nothing of the kind, just exactly the opposite.
Sharply increased prosecution of Belarusian school students and for whiteRussian language Belarusian eyes, we found that there is a system in schools informer among the teachers, tracking ideevyh Belarusians and convey to students the KGB.
Young people currently arrested for national patriotic eyes, prepare courts under the guise of "for his role in an unregistered organization".
"Does the most important areas of public life — a huge Belarusian literature and business writers.
In This year was abolished and prohibited Litfond — principal and the latter structure that kept writers. Deprive premises last Belarusian organizations (TBM, "Fatherland", etc.) ..
Threefold increased payment for creative workshops Belarusian artists. This means that most of them no longer be able to create.
Coming on Everything Belarusian activated in particular for the last six months, and we we see, that it has not only the system as a manifestation of a general nature anti-Belarusian strategy, but also on developing makrashlyahah telling their Russian terminology — "comes to every man" — said in his speech Zenon Pozniak.

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