Zaslavchan disappointed local bureaucrats

In the administration of Alexander Lukashenko received many complaints from Zaslaul. Bureaucrats Minrayispolkoma decided to listen prirekaniya people in the hall of the local House of Culture. Responded to the initiative of one and a half inhabitants weave.
Emperor Victor outraged local roads:
Victor: "During the rain and melting snow lady with a pram, we make our way in rubber boots. We are drowning. How can a lady with a stroller ride on clay?"
Vice-chairman Minsk Regional Executive Committee Sergei Ruta so responded to this outrage:
Ruta: "We are now able to blame the authorities. But the question that there are at livnevtsy Zaslavl, it has such a sick character virtually all malehankih campuses."
Or granted such response sovereign Victor?
Victor: "This is another" tick ". It’s just "Excuse" — that they had a meeting, there were questions. What are they doing? I’m fifteen minutes talking about the whole area. And a day or another agenda. NOT fate Minsk district and town Zaslaul — socio-economic development. "
Lena Pavlova and Olga Romanova were complaints about the quality of Zaslavsky property:
Romanova, "I wrote in Presidential Administration, but I did not answer. Water hleshcha burning. All winter. Floating feces, so broken gutter. The flat smells like a toilet. Fleas .. Kids was ill. Although housing and utilities is in front of our house. "
Pavlov: "They’re just waiting for the house to fall."
Romanov: "On a hot line call, then we and uttered — that would come if the house collapsed."
Dissatisfied took assist Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Mikhail Glinsky:
Glinski: "If you want will do katigorichnye any act, they will be fulfilled. "
But part of the meeting participants expressed hesitation on this score and left the meeting early.
Klitschko: "My name is Sophia E. Klitschko. District 1, Building 2, Apartment 90 All this is empty. I, for example, promised that more a year earlier roof repair — I have cheese. Toddlers asthma.
I live on the fifth floor. At me with a letter. A year earlier had do, but the work is not a place moved. I went spat yes. Nothing definite. Empty meeting, "- said the meeting participant.

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