10 places to be avoided like the plague during travel

The upcoming season of the New Year holidays are traditionally associated with a sharp increase in tourist activity. Fans greet the new year in unusual places are now actively planning trips, trying to find cheap tickets and book hotels. According to experts Skyscanner-tickets online search engine, the peak of interest in Airfare have been the end of November and beginning of December, when travelers literally sweep as tickets to ski resorts like Andorra and Austria, and in such exotic destinations as Thailand or Indii.Odnako travelers do not forget that any trip is not only a source of joy and bright impressions, but rather a serious challenge to the body.

For those who want to stay in good health throughout the New Year holiday should be familiar with the investigation HuffingtonPost, make a list of ten places that are literally teeming with dangerous bacteria.

Remote control panels in hotels

Contrary to popular belief, commode or toilet faucet handles are not as dangerous as consoles. How would the maids did not diligently scrubbed number of television consoles will inevitably forget. Remote Wipe disinfectant wipe and wash your hands thoroughly after using this simple device, otherwise you risk to see a new meaning to the popular phrase that watching TV is bad.

Handrails cruise liners

Any handrails and handles in public places — a haven for bacteria. Thousands and thousands of people touch them every day, and the bacteria can retain their infectious potential for long hours. Try not to touch the railing without much need.

Electronic self-service kiosks at airports

Yourself to check in and choose their place in an aircraft may be not only a modern and convenient, but also dangerous for your health. The touch screen is literally covered with numerous bacteria. After the kiosk will print your boarding pass, it is not amiss to go wash my hands.

The light switches in hotels

What is the first thing people do when they come to your room? Go wash your hands? Maybe so, but before they reach for a light switch with dirty hands. A recent study by the University of Houston found that the main light switch near the entrance-time favorite among bacteria in a room.

Aircraft seat back pocket

It is in this pocket, which is generally based on the safety of flight instruction and a variety of logbooks, passengers put their dirty napkins, diapers, peel the bananas and cleaning seeds. Debris from airborne command between hops necessarily get rid of, but the pocket itself is unlikely to be disinfected. It is not recommended to put your things in it, this is equivalent to keeping them in the trash.

The veil at

The temptation to immediately collapse into bed after a long flight is kept. The fact is that most hotels only wash pillowcases and sheets, but the blanket may not change for months and become a comfortable home for a variety of bacteria and even bugs. The best solution is to reset the blanket on the floor and sleep on clean linen.

Pillow and blanket that issue during the flight

Unfortunately, pillows and blankets are not always cleaned between short hops, so if the passenger in front of you was sick, your chances greatly spoil your New Year's holidays will increase manifold. If you are given without underwear disposable packaging, definitely should refrain from using it. And the best way, of course, will take a pillow and a blanket on the plane.

Water fountains

In modern airports and public buildings is quite common water fountains, which are triggered when you press a button and let anyone who wants to get drunk. These fountains are usually located next to the public toilets, and many before washing hands, drinking the water. In contrast to the toilets, fountains rarely cleaned, and therefore not at all surprising that the dangerous bacteria chosen their surface.

Toilet on the plane

According to the research center CBSNews, bacteria in these little rooms literally fly over the entire area, whenever any water washes or sneezes. High humidity only contributes to the rapid growth of bacteria. Some experts recommend to avoid visiting the toilets during short flights. However, if you tolerate the need for prolonged flight, for example, in Cuba, is not possible, it is best after a visit to the onboard toilet not only wash my hands and dry them with a paper towel, but also use a disinfectant to be back in his passenger seat.

Folding tables on the plane

They change diapers, put the peel and cleaning for them impatiently drumming his fingers in anticipation of a meal, they are folded and laid out a few times during the flight, and the surface is usually not cleaned properly between short flights. Before you turn one of these tables in the dining, it is reasonable to use a disinfectant wipe.


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