10 Weeks Pregnant


Gradually increasing waistline, but rounded tummy will appear later. In the meantime, because of the increased volume of blood veins become more prominent abdomen, legs and chest. If you do not suffer from toxicity, then at this point can gain about 2 kg.


Now the embryo one can call the fruit. Baby weighs about 4 ounces and has grown to 27-35 mm ("crown" to "buttocks"). He already looks like a grown man. Heart beats stomach secretes gastric juices muscles contract under the influence of impulses coming from a brain. Almost formed diaphragm — a partition between the chest and abdominal cavity. According to the baby's blood can be determined him Rhesus affiliation. Formed fingers and joints. A person acquires certain characteristics of the baby develops facial expressions. The child's body responds to the touch.

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