11 Weeks Pregnant


Now you burn calories faster than before pregnancy: the metabolism increases by 25 percent. Forget for a moment about the meats, preservatives and spicy. Your Diet must the most diverse, especially a lot of it must fruits and vegetables. Ideally cake with cream stands prefer a carrot, but do not go too far and try to get the most satisfaction from his position.


Your baby appears sensitivity of the skin of the palms. Gets busy grasping reflex. Developed sense of smell, baby even smells the meal eaten by the mother. Between 11 and 12 weeks kidneys begin to function. Ears are gradually moving from the neck to the sides of the head, which is still disproportionately high (takes half the size of the whole body). It starts with the formation of the iris, which will determine the color of the eyes baby.

Fruit weight is about 7 grams.


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