14 Weeks Pregnant


From that time on you can wash over bouts of overeating — suddenly want to eat again and again, even in the middle of the night. And you may have an attraction to certain products — so the body can signal that what he lacks substance. Bouts of overeating depart only after you give birth and bring up the baby with breast milk. In the meantime, will have to control myself, to control the power, observe the unloading days. Try not to strong tea and coffee.


The fruit is learning to "eat" with his mother: he was able to swallow the substances dissolved in the amniotic fluid: swallowing maximal in response to sweet, are minimal — for sour and bitter. Baby already beginning to move spontaneously. Pen touch parts of the body, the umbilical cord — "check" the reliability and strength of their house. He often breathing: breathing movements occur 40 — 70 times per minute.

Baby already produces urine and sets it in the amniotic fluid.


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