17 Weeks Pregnant


So now you can enjoy not only the look of your round tummy, but also the first movements of the little man — he starts to move! Chest continues to grow and can begin to produce colostrum — a yellowish substance that baby is fed in the first days after birth. The most time take care of her and start to prepare for the upcoming events: after a shower rub chest with a towel, put in a bra rough in texture fabric. During this period can also add 4 kg. Of the unpleasant — you may have trouble with constipation.


Baby already hears and reacts to sounds: you can talk to him, to sing, to include a variety of music.Time from the time he begins to engage in physical exercise: one starts from the uterine wall and come to the shore to the other. If the baby starts to hiccup, woman feel faint rhythmic thrusts coming from inside.

Fruit weight about 140 grams.


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