19 Weeks Pregnant


With the advent of the stomach begins to change your posture, which may affect back pain and worsening of sleep. Try not to strain your back, wear shoes with a low, stable heel, get a special bandage. In the second trimester may occur anemia (low hemoglobin levels in the blood), nasal congestion, and even nosebleeds (due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood), leucorrhea (separation of cables of the vagina). But do not be frightened in advance and look at the sores, tune in a positive way and easy pregnancy.


Weight of the child — about 230 AD continues to grow in the brain. At the head of the embryo are formed and establish relations millions of neurons (nerve cells) that have already taken place allotted to them. Under the rudiments of milk teeth appear the rudiments of permanent teeth.

On the body of the fetus appear vellus hair. These delicate hairs disappear shortly before birth. The limbs are proportional to size. Although the child's foot has a length of only 2.5 cm, and the proportion of relatively lower leg and thigh already be permanent.


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