20 Weeks Pregnant


Now you are exactly half way — congratulations!

During this period, the skin may appear dark spots. Do not worry, they will be held after the birth. It is also possible that you can be a problem profuse discharge from the vagina. To prevent infection, avoid irritants, and tight clothing. Uterus rises above shifting up the abdominal cavity and, consequently, little oppressing lungs. You may notice that your breathing has become more difficult.


This week, the sebaceous glands begin to produce fruit waxy secretion called "vernix." Its mission — to protect baby's delicate skin. Sometimes grease is retained up to the birth. Eyes still closed kid, but he is well-versed in the uterus. For example, twins and twins are able to find face friend other and hold hands.

Fruit length — 25 cm, weight — about 290 g baby's heart rate during the second half of pregnancy is 130 — 150 per minute. In the intestine begins to form original stool — meconium.

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