28 Weeks Pregnant


This week, women with negative Rhesus Blood can be administered special drugs to reduce the effects of Rhesus-conflict. If your spouse also has a negative Rhesus — you have nothing to worry about.


The kid weighs about 1000 grams, his height is 35 centimeters.

He has already developed all the senses — these data are confirmed by the study of biological currents of the brain (EEG) of the unborn child. He begins to recognize the voice of my mother. Kid performs basic first breaths. Its skin denser (thicker) and becomes more like a newborn baby skin. If you have a boy, then this week is marked lowering his testicles into the scrotum
(Before they were in the abdominal cavity).

If at this stage of pregnancy labor begins, then they will be called premature, but baby already has reasonable chances of survival.


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