32 Weeks Pregnant


As the amount of stomach back can bother you more and more. Do not forget about good posture, when you walk or sit. Carefully climb out of bed, after turning on his side. The bladder is squeezed more and more, therefore have to run to the bathroom more often. "Practice" contractions (Braxton-Hicks) may become more frequent, but unlike they instinctively contractions are not regular, and eventually tested. Discomfort intime "Training" battles one can reduce by taking a warm bath (36-37 C) sea salt.


Baby weighs about 1700 grams, height — 40 cm He (or she) continues to formsubcutaneous fat fiber, arms and legs are chubby.

The volume of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is nearly one liter. Every three hours they are fully updated, therefore kid always swims in the "pure" water that one can safely ingest.


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