37 Weeks Pregnant


Yours pregnancy now considered full-term. If deliveries will begin, they will not be premature. Now is the time enter into a contract for delivery (if you're going to give birth to charge), to choose the hospital and the doctor (in the case of paid labor).


On the ninth month of pregnancy baby daily gain weight (up to 14 grams). His liver accumulates iron, which will help blood formation in the first year of life.

Baby moves quite active, but the place to train less. He makes breathing movements. In this case, light enters the amniotic fluid which is output to thetime exhalation. Most children are placed upside down — cephalic presentation (optimal). If breech presentation, you can recommend specific exercises to rotate the fetus. Breech births can be by cesarean section or vaginal delivery, according to a combination of other factors.

The weight of the child is approaching 3 kg, length — a little less than 50 cm

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