39 Weeks Pregnant


During this period, you can move the mucus plug — an important sign of impending birth.

Still can arise training (false) contractions, when the stomach squeezes like an iron hoop, as he strained tight basketball and releases, it becomes soft. In such a situation, a warm bath greatly facilitates health.

If you suspect that the battle is "real", note the time: identify intervalbetween themselves and the duration of contractions. If the fight occur at regular intervals, which gradually become shorter — apparently you went into labor.If contractions occur every 10-15 minutes — the time to go to the hospital.


The average length fetal 50 cm, weight — about 3 kg (2.5 to 4 kg.) The skin of the child — pale pink color lanugo hair is almost absent, the length of hair at the head reaches 2 cm


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