5 most common mistakes made by slimming

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Unfortunately, our attempts to lose weight always lead to the desired result. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the extra weight does not go away, or goes away, but then quickly returned. In addition, there are sad cases where weight reduction leads to serious health problems. Why is this happening?

About the most common mistakes that people make when wanting to lose weight, saysMariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


Error number 1. Improper motivation

Do you want to lose weight to more like her husband (his wife)? Jealous figure favorite actress (favorite actor)? Do you dream to look good at the beach? Do you want to get into your favorite dress (jeans), which became a little? We'll have to disappoint you — most likely, you can not lose weight because of a lack of motivation.

— Mariyat what should be a motivation to lose weight once and for all?

The desire to lose weight must be strong and meaningful.

— The closer the summer, the stronger the desire to freshen up for the beach season. Why do you think that motivation wrong?

Perceiving the fight against overweight, as an event that should be completed by a certain date, we are giving ourselves the installation of that weight reduction is temporary. Once the holiday season is over — the motive stops working, and the man with a clear conscience again pick up those extra pounds.

In March, for us to come to the clinic ORIGITEYA ® a lot of people. They gained weight over the winter and dream to fly to freshen up. They are seasonal variations in weight of 10-15 kg, which is very harmful for health, especially for hormonal and psycho-emotional sphere.

— What about the little dresses, Is to have the sight of a landmark that inspires weight loss, bad?

Some, intending to lose weight, not only removed from the clothes chests, which has long been low, but even specifically sutured normal things start to buy all or one size smaller. This is an attempt to regulate behavioral weight loss process. In fact, when we are constantly catches the eye of the ill-fated dress, which is small, many are inspired and fear break and feel a sense of guilt. That is, sometimes there is an additional stress, which hinders weight loss.

— Clear. And why should not lose weight to please your loved one?

Slim figure is not a guarantee that you will love. And if you lost weight, but the goal has not been achieved, there comes disappointment, the best way to deal with that — to eat something delicious. As a result of those extra pounds quickly come back. In addition, all of what we do for others, losing what we're doing to yourself. If we want to eat myself a cake, but for others want to lose weight, try to guess — what desire will win?

— Some young girls dream about a figure like your favorite actress or Model, and go on a diet. How's that motivation?

It's no good! The notorious thinness of actresses and models due to the profession and is supported by a special diet and physical activity. If a normal girl with a normal weight begins to torture yourself diets just to be like a model, this is a clear sign of psychological problems. Must be guarded around — it could end up anorexic!

— And if the weight of the girl, in fact, more than the norm?

In any case, the motivation of "I want to be a model" does not work. I will say more when a person is trying to lose weight only "for the sake of beauty," usually nothing comes out of it. Obesity — a disease, so the weight loss must be seen as a process of treating and healing the body. The aesthetic aspect of the question has to be in second place.

— Why desire to be healthy is more correct motivation for weight loss than the desire to become beautiful?

Because health is not joking. If a person understands this, it will be set to the result. In my experience was illustrative case: It's a very fat woman, whose one leg was a metal joint. Her own joint collapsed under the influence of 40 kg. excess weight, but soon began to buckle and the prosthesis, and doctors warned her that if she did not lose weight, you need surgery. Of course, this woman was a strong motivation that has helped her cope with the problem. She wanted to lose weight, and it all happened. Similarly, it happens when a person begins to lose weight because the doctors told him that with such a large weight is a risk of heart problems. People with such a good motivation to lose weight is obtained, and the result is stored permanently.


Error number 2. Starvation

Do you think that the less calories eaten, the faster decrease weight? Not true!

— Is fasting is not conducive to weight loss?

On the one hand, all right, if supplied with food low in calories, the body begins to consume its own fat reserves and lose weight. On the other hand, in order to fat "burned", require special lipolytic enzymes. If a person does not eat, he has enough of these enzymes.

— These enzymes are found in food?

They are produced in the body but are necessary for their synthesis proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If any substance is not enough — lipolysis (fat) will not work. Therefore, in order to effectively lose weight, a person should not go hungry.

The third mistake that losing weight is closely related to the second.


Mistake number three. Express diet

I want to lose weight in 7-10 days by 5-10 pounds? Choose any of the express diets, which in large quantities are hanging on all women's site — and in a good way. Just do not be surprised that the lost weight back and come back very soon.

— Mariyat, I know that you are against the express diets.

That's what you call a "quick diet", it would be better to call an unbalanced diet. Do not argue, "extreme diet" to help lose weight. Q: how long and at what cost?

— And what is the price?

When a person sits on the rapid diet, his body loses vital substances: vitamins, fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrates. As a result, harmful to health. Complication of improper diet — hair loss, tooth loss, brittle nails and bones. I repeat, the power must be complete and varied. Express diet allowed to lose weight quickly, but then the weight comes back just as quickly. A health problems remain.

— But there are in fact and balanced diet!

There are, but they do not belong to express diets. And whatever was not correct diet, it will not help cure obesity. Good and lasting effect only provides a comprehensive approach.


Error number 4. Cut off all the "extra"

The fight against obesity is long and requires a lot of willpower. But there is an alternative — to get rid of extra pounds by surgery. Should I use it?

— Many people think that by means of operation can solve the problem of excess weight quickly and easily.

In the treatment of obesity quick and simple solutions do not exist. I strongly recommend the use of operational methods, without trying conservative. Yes, now paid aesthetic surgery is highly developed. Yes, your money doctor will meet you and fulfill every whim — and make liposuction removes fat bored. That's just the practice shows that this type of surgery does not benefit those who want to lose weight, and those who have already lost weight.

— Please explain.

By the help of plastic surgeons makes sense to resort to correction: to remove fat from problem areas, which have not lost weight after weight normalization, or to tighten the skin, which sagged.

Surgery does not cure obesity. They can eliminate the only symptom of the disease — and then tempor
arily. During liposuction removes part of the body fat cells. At first it seems that this has the effect, but later formed a powerful body fat in new places. Many times I have seen patients with "pillows" on the hands and neck which occurred after liposuction of the abdomen.

If you do not remove the causes of obesity (not normalized metabolism, is not brought into balance anabolism and catabolism of lipids), the body recovers lost fat stores.


Error number 5. Self-medication

Despite the fact that he is a normal weight 15-20 pounds you are separated, you are confident that you can lose weight on their own, without the help of experts? So you have made a very major error!

— Why should not I own struggle with being overweight?

Obesity — a serious disease that requires a professional approach. If you break your leg, then seek the help of traumatologist and not to a neighbor on the floor, which is also something once broke. If you have appendicitis, the surgeon operates on you, not a friend who knows how to hold a knife in his hand. In obesity, as with any other illness, self unacceptable!

— However, many of those involved … To you come to the clinic often self-sacrifice?

Quite often. I can tell a lot of instructive stories about people who drink large quantities of dubious pills "for weight loss" and stop only when there are serious problems with the intestines. About the people who brought himself on the half-dead state dangerous diets and endless physical training. About the people who have spent years trying to get rid of excess weight on their own and wonder why it does not work?

— Mariyat you — the author of a unique methods of treating obesity Golden Needle ® . You give your patients 100% guarantee of weight loss?

We are not magicians who promise 100 percent result for life. A lot depends on the person and his attitude. But experience has proved the high efficiency of our method. We use an integrated approach, control of the process at all stages. So if one set out to change your life and to overcome obesity, we will help him to do it without making mistakes.


Source: Clinic ORIGITEYA ®


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