5 reasons to lose weight

To date, the most popular reason to lose weight — aesthetic. Most often, women lose weight to look better and to please the beloved. However, scientists have shown that 90% of those who struggle with overweight only "for the sake of beauty," for a year and a half, gaining weight again.

What should be the motivation to lose weight once and for all? For what really makes sense to reduce weight? And how to do it right? These and other questions are answeredMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Why losing weight "beauty" does not work?

Most of those who lose weight in order to "look like" lose weight not for himself but for others. And this lack of motivation. She can not force a person to change their habits, to reconsider lifestyle.

In addition, the goal of "lose weight for so many pounds of" finite. Once it is reached, no more aspire to anything — there is no need to follow a diet and eat right disappears, people again began to overeat. And the weight comes back.

— What should be the motivation to lose weight once and for all?

In my experience, once and for all, reduce the weight of those who are doing it for themselves and for the sake of their health. There are five reasons for which, indeed, is to get rid of extra pounds.

Reason 1. Joint Health

Extra pounds that we wear on her, it's excessive axial load on the spine and joints. An individual who weighs 120 pounds, the load is twice higher than the one who weighs 60. However, even the 10-15 extra pounds can eventually cause serious harm.

— Which one?

Increasing the pressure on the joints leads to the fact that they wear out faster. The cartilage covering the joint surfaces are mechanically traumatized, literally erased. The result is pain, joints begin to swell and become inflamed, worsening their mobility.

— What are the joints most affected by obesity?

Suffer all the leg joints (knee, ankle and hip) and, of course, the spine, especially the lower sections, which carry the majority of the load. The pressure on the spine leads to the fact that пережимаютсяспинномозговые nerves, and the person feels severe pain in his back. Also deteriorates the work of internal organs: in women can cause problems with the pregnancy, men — with potency.

Reason 2. The health of the heart and blood vessels

Everyone knows that obesity — a risk factor of diseases of the cardiovascular system as coronary heart disease, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

-Excess weight overloads the heart?

That's right. All the many pounds of excess fat should be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. To do this, in the subcutaneous adipose tissue formed new blood vessels. Every extra pound of fat — that's extra mile of blood vessels. And the heart has to constantly push blood on them.

— It is terrible to imagine what accounts for the human heart, which has an excess weight of 20 or 30 pounds …

When the increased load lasts for years, in the myocardium develop ischemic changes — there is CHD (coronary heart disease).

Also, do not forget that obesity increases the blood levels of "bad" lipids, which are beginning to be deposited on the walls of the arteries as plaque — atherosclerosis occurs. Vessels to constrict, lose elasticity, wear out faster. This deteriorates the peripheral circulation — receiving signals in the brain to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and metabolic products in the blood. In response, the heart begins to contract reflexively with great effort, which leads to increased pressure in the blood vessels — there is hypertension.

Reason 3. Hormones

The more overweight a person is, the more likely it is that he has broken hormones.

— What kind of hormones in question?

First, about the female sex hormones — estrogens. The fact that our adipose tissue has the ability to synthesize them. An appreciable excess of estrogen occurs when a person has more than 20 pounds overweight. In women, this leads to problems with the menstrual cycle and fertility problems in men — to the deposition of fat on the female type, the weakening of sexual activity and a decrease in sperm motility.

Second, obesity can cause problems with insulin — the hormone of the pancreas, which takes glucose from the blood into the tissues.

— What are these problems?

The more overweight a person, the respectively longer fabrics which require insulin and the more it is synthesized by the pancreas. At the same time she subcutaneous fat on hormone practically does not react as a result of large doses of insulin enter the bloodstream and cause a drop in blood glucose. Signal that goes to the hunger center in the brain — the human reflex increases appetite. That's why obese people are constantly hungry.

This continues for as long as the pancreas is not depleted. When insulin is not enough, the level of glucose in the blood — the blood vessels begin to run "sugar syrup". This state — a precursor of diabetes. Impeded blood flow through small vessels and, therefore, suffer from sexual organs, kidneys, retina of the eye. In addition, the "sweet blood" — is a breeding ground for bacteria. A person exposed to infections.

Reason 4. A healthy mind and a clear mind

Psychologists say that people with a lot of overweight characterized by a tendency to self-aggression: they hate their fat, hates herself with fats. Over time, dissatisfaction leads to the fact that they are starting to point fingers.

— Why is this happening?

Our consciousness is arranged so that the guilty are very difficult to do, so the aggression is transferred to the family (family, parents): "It is you make me miserable," "You would have to force me to go on a diet." Gradually, dissatisfaction with oneself and others began to capture a wider range of people: friends, work colleagues.

— Obesity can affect the mental abilities?

The length of the vascular bed of obesity increases, and the amount of blood does not change. This leads to so-called "steal syndrome" — worse nutritionOther organs and tissues, including the brain. A person does not become stupid in the sense of IQ, but it decreases the rate of reaction, the sharpness of thought processes in the areas where needed synthesis and analysis. This is why fat people do not take in air traffic controllers and pilots, they rarely give to senior positions of responsibility.

Reason 5. Youth and longevity

Getting rid of extra pounds leads to an increase in life expectancy and slow the aging process.

— As obesity is associated with longevity?

You have to understand that being overweight — it's not just those extra pounds. This large amount of useless cells and their metabolic products. This is an unexpected load on all the organs and systems that wears them. Wears heart, providing a fat blood flow. Wear out the kidneys and liver, neutralizing toxins formed in it. Free radicals instead of just neutralized, deposited in adipose tissue and cause aging and mutation. When defective cells becomes too much, the body does not have time to remove them. Hence, oncology and allergy, and autoimmune diseases.

I believe that the main motivation of those who decided to get rid of excess weight should be to preserve youth and health for years to come. And my original method of weight reduction Golden Needle ® help you.


Source: Hospital Origiteya ®

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