5 year old problem: how to maintain beauty

Dreaming of summer vacation, we see ourselves as beautiful and tanned by the azure sea — just like in the picture of the fashion glossy magazine. And very upset when confronted with the harsh reality: flushed from sunburn and the dried salted winds of skin that appeared from nowhere spots and "crow's feet" around the eyes.

How to bring the dream to reality and guard against summer skin problems? Can I get a beauty, ruffled summer sun? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®.

— The more dangerous for the residents of central southern sun?

Southern sun more "evil" than we used to, but many forget about it, fascinated tan. Hard ultraviolet radiation injures the skin, unaccustomed to such a strong impact — even half an hour under the direct rays can cause serious burns.

In addition, beach holidays dry skin — is the destruction of hyaluronic acid (battery fluid) from its inner layers. As a result, wrinkles are formed. I'm not saying that the abuse of a good tan without special protection creams can cause malignant transformation of skin cells, the most dangerous of them — melanoma.

— What a mess … And how tanned beauty of the glossy magazines?

I do not think they were roasted for hours in the southern sun to get a bronze skin tone. There are tanning, tanning, and finally Photoshop!

Even 10 years ago, all the glossy magazines of the world at the initiative of Vogue magazine announced lying on the beach with a view to the acquisition of Sun — Harmful and dangerous pastime.

— It turns out that the South can not tan at all?

You can, but with the mind, and without fanaticism. To resort living with the consequences do not have to understand the doctor's office, cosmetologist.

Summer issue number 1. Dehydration of the skin

This is a problem faced by virtually all who rest in the resort. The body loses water through sweat, protecting from overheating. The upper layers of the skin dries sea breeze, and the sun burns cause destruction of hyaluronic acid — the skin loses its domestic supply of moisture.

Sea bathing — also cause dehydration. By law osmosis sea salt draws water molecules of the inner layers of the skin on the surface, just as, for example, saline rinse aid in the removal of purulent plugs angina and salt lotions help "pull" content purulent wounds.

— Advise how to avoid dehydration summer?

First, you need to limit exposure to sunlight (no more than 2 hours a day in the morning or in the evening) and be sure to use the facilities with UV protection. Second, after sunbathing should apply moisturizer to care for the face and body. Third, try to drink daily for at least two liters of fluid, of which half should be mineral water.

And after each sea bathing was rinsed under the shower and insipid, if possible, avoid overheating.

2 year old problem. Skin discolouration

After 30 years of sun exposure can lead to the formation of age spots on the skin. Most often they are formed on his face around the lips and cheeks. The cause of outbreaks of hyperpigmentation — uneven skin pigment melanin formation due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

— How to avoid breaking the skin pigmentation?

Try to avoid the open sun and regularly use protection for the face and body.

3 year old problem. Allergic to the sun (photodermatitis)

Any allergies — is a violation of immunity, in which antibodies, rather than to protect the body from foreign substances, develop, literally, destroying its own tissue.

When Photodermatitis immunity perceives the sun's damaging rays of the skin cells as foreign and begins to attack them — the skin is inflamed, red and itchy. The modern human immune mechanisms are exhausted, especially the residents of big cities, so allergic to the sun is becoming more common.

— How to avoid allergy to the sun?

First, never sunbathe until redness and soreness of the skin. Paradoxically, many believe that a day at the beach was unsuccessful unless they have driven themselves to first-degree burns! Second, stock up on antihistamines.

If your skin is always reacts to the sun allergy, it makes sense to prepare for the holiday — a course of acupuncture points on the meridian of the stomach into the clinic Origiteya ®, which are located on the face. This procedure normalizes the general and local immunity, which is very important for the prevention photodermatitis.

4 year old problem. Wrinkles

In the summer of facial wrinkles usually form around the eyes and on the bridge of the nose — the result of the fact that people often squint while looking at the sun. Another reason for the accelerated formation of wrinkles in the heat — dehydration of the skin and the loss of hyaluronic acid. All this leads to the destruction of collagen and elastin — the proteins responsible for elasticity and firmness.

— How to avoid the summer of facial wrinkles?

 Mariyat Mukhina

Mariyat Mukhina

To a summer vacation is not left on the memory of wrinkles around the eyes, every time he went in the sun, always wear sunglasses.

For those over 30 years, before a trip to south is recommended to prevent the formation and deepening of facial wrinkles:

  • to inject Botox into the muscles that are responsible for the formation of "crow's feet" (the cost of the procedure about 2,000 rubles);
  • using mesotherapy to saturate the skin face and neck area of hyaluronic acid — a session 3-4 times a week (the cost of the procedure about 3,000 rubles).

The clinics Origiteya ® all summer discounts of 20% on all treatments with hyaluronic acid.

5 year old problem. The deterioration of the elasticity and skin tone

This problem is most acute after 35-40 years — the skin loses with age, elastin and collagen fibers, which are included in the so-called "framework" of the skin and make it bounce. Ultraviolet radiation accelerates this process and, hence, it activates the aging process.

How to avoid it?

Do not deplete the skin with ultraviolet light and use a good anti-aging cosmetics. Its specialists Origiteya ® offer for such cases a French professional line for home care of the skin (with aromatic oils and elastin, vitamins and trace elements) in travel-format.

Cleanser dissolves summer dust and gently cleanse the skin. Special toning lotion infuse new energy into the skin and give vigor. Day and night creams to prevent the loss of elastin and saturate the skin with moisture and UV protectant give the skin a light tan color, which is especially true for those who do not want to come to the resort "pale toadstool."

— Unfortunately, many came back from vacation, notice that the skin does not rest went to benefit. Can you help them?

I would advise not to get upset — all fixable.

To select the optimal techniques and cosmetics to address the problems, the first consultation the doctor makes a diagnosis of the skin on the latest diagnostic equipment with 3D-scanning. Defines skin moisture, skin tone, melanin content, etc.

The clinics Origiteya ® we conduct diagnostics for free throughout the summer.

— Dr. Mukhina, what recovery procedures are used in your clinic?

To combat dehydrated skin and fine wrinkles we используембиоревитализацию (additional administration hyaluronic acid). To combat age spots and improve skin tone offer a variety of peels and skin rejuvenation procedure. To smooth the wrinkles — contouring: an introduction to the problem areas of gel formulations of hyaluronic acid of high concentration.

To improve the elasticity of the skin and its tone, I recommend our unique author's technique that enables even pull up strongly "floated" oval face. Acupuncture technique called lifting method Fly ®.

In the fight against aging skin is also well-proven our new product — ozonoakupunktura (ozone therapy on acupuncture points). After ozone therapy skin is beautiful and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, are completely eliminated bruises under his eyes.

By the way, until September 30 at the clinics Origiteya ® discounts of up to 50% on ozonoakupunkturu.


Source: Clinic ORIGITEYA ®


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