6 misconceptions about weight loss

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How many excuses we find myself not to get involved in the fight against obesity, "I am full, because I have a" bad "heredity", "After thirty useless to lose weight", "I do not have enough willpower to sustain a diet." Moreover, we do strongly believe in it and will put up with overweight and far from ideal figure. And it is in vain!

Dispel the popular misconceptions about losing weight, we have asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhin.


Misconception 1. The reason for completeness — "bad" heredity, there is nothing to do about it

It seems to be:

If the parents are obese, then the children will tend to be overweight. And scientists confirm — "obesity gene" exists!

Comment Dr. Fly:

In fact, scientists have found genes that increase the risk of obesity — is the gene FTO (Fat mass and obesity associated) and a specific mutation of the genetic material adjacent to the gene MC4R, which is involved in the regulation of appetite and energy expenditure. However, the presence of genes "obesity" gives no more than four extra kilos, the rest of the accumulated fat — the result of eating too banal!

Not so long ago, Western doctors have found out an interesting fact: if the adoptive parents are obese, and then taken into the family of adopted children are usually too overweight. In this case, blame genetics pointless obese children was the result of an incorrect stereotype of power in the family. So what is so-called "bad" heredity — no reason to put on a cross. Anyone can lose weight, regardless of the genes.

Misconception 2. After 30 years to lose weight will not work

It seems to be:

The older we get, the less likely lose weight. The metabolism slows down — the extra calories faster turn into body fat, and "burn" it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Comment Dr. Fly:

As we age, we gradually lose muscle mass (average 1-2% per year) — this is a normal physiological process. As a result: the energy spent trying to work the muscles, is now beginning to stock up as fat. Of course, if a woman consumes thirty years as many calories as twenty years, it inevitably begins to recover, even if the earlier problems with weight was not. However, this is not a reason to inspire yourself to lose weight that will not happen.

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first — to reduce caloric intake. And not necessarily sit on a rigid diet. Simply limit itself to the flour and sweet, eat cake instead of sweet apple, instead of the usual three spoonfuls of sugar to put in a tea sweetener. The second way — to stop the loss of muscle mass. A well-chosen exercise will keep your muscles and prevent fat gain. According to U.S. researchers women who regularly engaged in fitness, to 40 years are 10-12% more muscle than their peers.

Misconception 3. A sedentary lifestyle can not lose weight

It seems to be:

For sedentary calories eaten stocking as fat instead consumed by exercise.

Comment Dr. Fly:

We are gaining excess weight, if the amount of calories absorbed is greater than the amount spent. A sedentary lifestyle, really, it takes less than in regular physical exercise — the difference in averages between 200 to 400 calories. My advice: rather than give up and complain that "in the fullness of my lifestyle regularity", try to reduce caloric intake by 200-400 calories are the same. It's not as hard as it sounds — imagine that you just gave up on the portion of Ice Cream or replaced by low-fat cottage cheese fat.

Misconception 4. Lose weight hindered by a lack of will power

It seems to be:

To sustain a rigid diet, you need to have a strong will, otherwise, lose weight will not work.

Comment Dr. Fly:

A strong will, indeed, help to endure hunger and sustain a rigid diet. However, I am totally against strict diets! This is inefficient, traumatic psyche and unhealthy way to lose weight. What is the harm? In tight unbalanced diet primarily used not subcutaneous and visceral fat, which may result in the omission of internal organs. The body does not receive the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, which affects the general health. Also, paradoxically, a restricted diet over time begins to slow down the process of fat breakdown — because there is a shortage of material for the synthesis of enzymes that break down their will.

With proper weight loss body does not feel the lack of glucose in the blood, which means that the brain does not generate impulses that activate the appetite center. A person does not feel hunger, to be cured at will. This is exactly how my author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®. My experience shows that the weak will lose weight is not a hindrance.

Misconception 5. If you are overweight more than 15-20 pounds, it is better not to lose weight

It seems to be:

Throwing a few tens of kilograms, a person can easily be in a hospital bed, although he had felt quite bearable.

Comment Dr. Fly:

Yes, it is, unfortunately, happens. The fact is that when a man wears long lot of extra weight on her, his body adapts to it. With the dramatic weight loss, the balance is broken — and the results can be very sad. However, that is no reason to restrain to obesity, which destroys the joints, affects the heart, reproductive system, etc.

Weight loss even at 5-10% of baseline significantly improves the health, so the point of losing weight is always there. Just do not do it yourself, and seek professional help.

Misconception 6. Lose weight is meaningless, still then the weight comes back

It seems to be:

According to statistics, about 90% thinner people gain those pounds back an average of five years.

Comment Dr. Fly:

The return loss — it is an indication that the process of reducing its was "wrong" and was accompanied by stress to the body. Once the stress is over, the body automatically begins to compensate for the loss — repeatedly increased hunger makes people just go for the food. "Starved" the fat cells to recover faster, is starting to pick up all the calories that come from food. As a result, the weight returns.

You have to understand that obesity — not just an aesthetic problem, but a chronic relapsing disease. So it's not surprising that most attempts to lose weight without the help of experts on a strict diet alone fail. After all, no one is surprised that alone can not cure the inflammation of the lungs, or, say, cut appendicitis. When properly selected treatment, adherence to proper diet and medical control obesity can be translated into long-term remission — normalize weight and keep it for life.

I recommend using the technique for the treatment of obesity Golden Needle ®. This is the most effective and physiological of currently existing non-surgical methods of combating obesity. Golden Needle ® has passed clinical trials and in 2004 was recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to implement in practical health.


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