9 weeks pregnant


Breast increases with each passing day. Nipples become darker, they may appear small nodules. This enlarged sweat glands, do not worry.


Baby grown up yet — the length of the "crown" to "buttocks" of about 13 — 15 mm. Weight — about one gram.

This week the baby is formed cerebellum is responsible for the coordination of movements. With the help of a special device one can detecting and recording signals from the brain.

On the handle of the embryo one can distinguish between fingers. The liver begins to produce blood cells, andbrain control the movement of the muscles and the heart. Eyelids slides over the eyes of a child and gradually close them, thus protecting the evolving structure of the eye from light and dry (with 28 weeks at the request of the baby eyes may begin to open.) At the same term of jaws are made to appear the rudiments of teeth. But most importantly — baby starts to move. However, the mother does not feel it as baby still too small.

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