A.Milinkevich: Movement For Freedom — not only Party unity

At the general meeting of the opposition in Ivatsevichy attended favorites members and local communities of the United civilian party, Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) BPF.
Organizer made Stanislav Kholodovich:
"Usually we can put 27 people, as statedcamping, under the gun. All voted in favor of the decision to support Milinkevich, join the movement "For Freedom." Since we are already tired of the general debate. Certain cases not. "
Commitment to the initiative Milinkevich also exhibit other public activists. Ales Chyhir from Bobruisk nonpartisan.
"I support the movement" For Freedom "- says Ales Chyhir. — Relationship with him — positive. But on one condition: if this movement, for this public organization will act. Me it is very curious, and I’m ready to join. "
In political organizations in the Minsk region, and discussions are also studying proposals favorite movement "For Freedom."
Lev Margolin outlook from Borisov, head of the regional branch of the UCP:
"I also know very well the situation in our party and I think that no mass flowed from one organization to another will not. If Milinkevich suggested certain active act, then maybe it would cause befitting response. But I last year not only did not see the action, but even suggestions from the Political Council of Democratic Forces, headed by Alexander Milinkevich. "
Alexander Milinkevich their worldview voice in the presentation to the Congress of Democratic Forces:
"What the movement" For Freedom "is the best for the current coalition? However, it is not only the union party. A much-much more extensive. I achieve it. We will not compete with the strategy, which take the opposition parties. But we declare that will do movement. The aim of our movement — to attach to the active resistance to the regime of new people. Those who did not get to Congress, who is not involved after the election. "
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